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Hi guys, here's what Margaret Mascarenhas, a Goa Today columnist has to say about us. We quite liked the 'Penpansies' bit (classy isn't it? We've been called yellow-bellies too, sometime back), otherwise it's quite a charming attempt at log-felling... We reproduce this excerpt from the Goajourno mailing list.

Media whores, Penpricks, and a lot of hot air...
Margaret Mascarenhas in Goa Today

... And how come the media isn't all over this escaped convict story? Maybe it's because such stories have become so run of the mill, or been there, done that. Or maybe it's because, if we are to give credence to an alleged "group" of allegedly "professional" journalists who on their blog-site claim the mainstream media in Goa is just a whore.
One English daily in particular
[] is, according to them, charging money to anyone who will pay to cook stories and editorials. "Editorials For Sale at a whopping three lakh per piece" screams the teasers.
It's a nice try at a Tehelka-type sting, but falls short of actually proving that the email exchange it claims occured between one Mr Mann (who allegedly implies that reportage, bylines, and editorials can all be readily purchased), and the investigative reporters, has anything to do with the newspaper in question.
The creators of the watchdog blogsite call themselves Penpricks, and you can take that to mean whatever you want it to. Posing as guardians of journalism's soul, implying that their contributors are all professsional journalists, and conducting "sting" operations on their own colleagues, they indulge in some pretty dubious journalistic practices.
Some of these practices include: allowing innuendo and opinion (without bylines) rather than facts and sources to comprise the bulk of their "investigative reportage", and "reporting" in such colloquial language as to make it exceedingly difficult to determine whether they are trying (and failing) to write satire rather than "deep throat" inspired news scoops.
Though the concept -- that of taking the predominantly lazy, illiterate and corrupt Goan media to task -- Pen Pricks have made a rather unfortunate bhaji-puri of it all and have ended up sounding like some pathetic wannabe, a poor desi kickoff of 'MotherJones'. They also attack dead journos, which seems pointless, given that the tragets are, well ... extinct, and unable to either defend themselves or change their ways.
But the grossest journalistic faux pas the Pricks commit, is to refuse to write under *their own names*. Maybe they should call themselves PenPansies instead. Maybe they should do an expose of themselves next.... (Goa Today, Oct 2007 P 61)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone please forward the piece on Plagiarized editorials and the word to word expose of the plagiarized editorials by Raul Abrau to Madame Maggy Mascarenhas.
Ho ho ho, LOL

11 October 2007 at 01:52  
Anonymous grass is green said...

Does Maggie write her hot coffee cup column in Weekend. IF she is not, find out why and let us know. then maybe maggie can write more about how the Pricks should do their job.

17 October 2007 at 19:27  

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