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Here's a byte by Editor Arun Sinha in 2004, perhaps he spoke a bit too soon...

(Operative part in Italics)

Authorities in Goa are worried about the increase of paedophilic activities during tourist seasons. A hike in tourist inflow in recent years has brought up this problem before the local authorities. Arun Sinha, editor of Navhind Times, says it is an international racket and administrators will not be able to stop it. He added that Goa authorities must seek help and co-operation from national and international agencies to put an end to the crime. "It's an international racket and unless and until both the administration and the local people do not co-operate with each other it will be difficult to wipe out the menace," said Sinha. The children who fall prey to paedophile activities come from poor families. Most of these children work as vendors on the beaches and are lured by people with sinister designs. Albertina Almeida, an advocate and a social worker, says that the government is not doing enough to tackle this problem. "Paedophilia is prevalent in Goa and its statistics are hard to count. The persons who're paedphile range from local people to foreign tourists to domestic tourists," said Alemeida. But, the police say it is geared up to take on the problem. The tourist police force has been revamped to make it more effective. Goa DGP Amod Kanth, however, admits that the size of the tourist police force is numerically small and to tackle the problem of paedophilia they need help from other forces. "Police has to have special teams for that, but Goa police on its own cannot do because it is an international network. So, Indian police, CBI Interpol must assist Goa police," says Kanth. (Oct 20, 2004)
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REALITY-CHECK (less than a year later)

Editor accused of molesting a minor

PANAJI: The hearing of the anticipatory bail application filed before the sessions court in Panaji by Arun Sinha, the editor of Navhind Times, Goa's largest circulated daily, after being charged with molestation by his 11-year-old domestic help, has been postponed to Saturday.

Sinha reportedly remained underground in Vasco for the second straight day since the child fled to his neighbours on Thursday morning, complaining that she had been molested by Sinha.

The neighbours took the child to Women and Child Protection police station and the case was later transferred to the CID crime branch for investigation.

Sinha has been charged under section 8(2) for sexual abuse, section 354 (for molestation) and section 7 (5) C for child labour.

The 11-year-old had come to work with the Sinhas about two months ago. At the time of the alleged incident, Sinha's wife and daughters were out of town b cause the editor's mother-in-law died recently.

The 11-year-old from Bihar has been kept at Apna Ghar, the state government-run children's home at Merces.
(Oct 14, 2005)


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