Wednesday, 22 August 2007


These are some of our predecessors.
The torchbearers of journalism in Goa.
Guys who literally torched the spirit of journalism in a young state.
Guys, who instead of laying a solid foundation for folks to come, pissed on the stones.
Guys who put up their pens up for a price.
Out of sheer disgust.
We won’t say more.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is one statement of Mr. Cabral e Sa, namely " Though shorn of much of its old furnishings - which went missing since Goa's merger " . True, very true.

Since portuguese/local-language speaking Goans did not know english, 'deputationists' were sent here. These are the people that stole the treasures paid for by the tax payer of Goa.

Even in the recent past, a carved wooden spiral staircase of the palace has vanished under the guise of modernisation. No doubt the antique is in some place....some place where the IAS officer who is also an antiques collector... wants it to be!

22 August 2007 at 12:18  

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