Friday, 28 March 2008


It's one of Republican candidate John McCain's fav jokes, but we'll just tweak it a bit to our advantage...
QUESTION: What's the difference between a cat-fish and journo?
ANSWER: One is a low-life, bottom-feeding scum-sucker; the other's a fish."

We did tell you a few days ago that we'd do another post illustrating concerns expressed by Preetu Nair on how a "few local journos and their editors play host to a corrupt system". We've managed to fish out more for you this time.
Its about this journo called hmm... Mr P, who's just hopped jobs from a newspaper with small circulation to a newspaper, that's just about set to munch them all.
We think we've mentioned Mr P sometime back on the blog too... Just that Preetu's recent observation has made us put some information available with us into proper context.
This Mr P hails from the coast in Bardez. Oh its a great place to be in. Cops love the coast for the moolah they can rake in. They love a posting here... Raking in the pennies and the pounds plus, few awards here and there, for all the 'meritorious' work put in during the tourist season. Some of us journos follow the same path of success... Mr P has been doing the same all this while.
So what was this Coastal Regulatroy Zone (CRZ) blackmail racket, we talked about... No no you thought wrong, Claude has nothing to do with it... Its about this same Mr P...
See, sometime back a particular English language newspaper decided to run a series on CRZ violations along the coast. Mr P thought it a great opportunity to cruise along.
The strategy he adopted was simple enough. A real win-win strategy.
You narrow down on a genuine CRZ violation. You then approach the owner of the property and offer him a deal. The deal is two pronged.
1) My newspaper is doing this story on CRZ violations. The CRZ violations you have committed is a story enough for me. Gimme an X amount of money and I will drop the story. or
2) If you don't gimme the money, I'll run the story anyway. And maybe line up for an award somewhere down the line.
We know of two instances where Mr P has approached guys who have violated the CRZ norms in Bardez. They were offered the same proposition we have stated above with some variations. In one instance, Mr P actually asked for a residential flat instead of money for dropping a story, while in the other case Mr P asked for an X amount of money and a car.
Its really Preetu's timely observation, that gave us an opportunity to contextualise this input, else folks would have interpreted this as some kind of a witch-hunt.
One more thing, we dunno if you noticed this guys... ever since we put up the notice, that we are coming with up with this 'CRZ and the art of blackmail' post, we've received a hell of lot abuse. More than the usual. We suspect, that it was Mr P himself trying to psyche us out of this post. Its there for you to see, a lot of a Fs & Bs which we did not approve, but there's still a truckload of brickbats we've received since that post...
Hey thats fine with us... while bouquets make us blush, brickbats only make us tougher. So keep em coming.
As an after-thought... We think despite all the whetting by the HR dept, Derrick the TOI Goa editor doesn't know what he's got on his plate. Barring Paul Fernandes (one nice guy we know for sure. There might be a few others too. Very few), a messy lot has slipped into their reporting team, including a very very dicey trinity. And imagine a reporter's desk led by a guy like Raju Nayak. Phew... You could actually play a few mixed doubles tennis teams with the number of raqueteers TOI has unfortunately roped in...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you guys are so fearless, name Mr. P.

28 March 2008 at 21:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your story seems like 'kite flying'. You say you have got the fact of the case but disclose nothing. You then make yourself out as the saint and say you were abused. You then address Derrick of ToI and tell him about the perils he will have to face. Give us a break. Come out clean. I agree with Comment 1. Name the sucker. You will rid journalism of dirt and find a place in heaven (if there is one) or for sure the graveyard.

28 March 2008 at 21:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Preetu Nair is not a Goan, how come Pen Pricks is quoting her. It is like the devil quoting the bible?

28 March 2008 at 22:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 2: "heaven (if there is one)"

you forgot to mention "hell".

28 March 2008 at 23:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have read the three comments. I agree with all of them. It seems Pen Pricks have been 'paid' - like Mr. P to run this story. Come on Pen Pricks save your skin. The vultures are waiting for you guys. Guess the Post is a good case for defamation. Is Ram listening?

28 March 2008 at 23:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh i get this now... Mr. P (enprick)... you probably are blackmailing the other Mr. P not to publish his name here for a hefty sum... good job

28 March 2008 at 23:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On March 25 2008, GT's front page screamed "Politicians, outstation scribes in drug nexus!"

Any dope(pun intented) on this?

28 March 2008 at 23:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

penpricks :"we've received a hell of lot abuse"

How are we supposed to know?

You haven't published those comments either in edited nor unedited form!

28 March 2008 at 23:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 4: Have you seen "Hell"??

29 March 2008 at 00:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

QUESTION: What's the difference between a cat-fish and a journo.

ANSWER 1:One swims like a fish while the other drinks like a fish!

ANSWER 2:One eats to live while the other lives to eat.

ANSWER 3:One fights for territory while the other fights for TRPs and eyeballs.

29 March 2008 at 00:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Mr. P the chap featured in the following post

He sure isn't the following list

Arun Sinha, Umesh Mahambrey, Vijay Kalangutkar, Suhasini Prabhugoankar, Nilesh Khandeparkar, Rajendra Dessai, Jyoti Dhond, Sagar Agni, Suyash Gaunekar, Rajan Narayan, Derek Almeida, Ashwin Tombat, Preetu Nair, Mario Cabral e Sa and Chandakant Keni.

If someone would tell the names of journos jumping from a small paper to TOI, then naming Mr. P would be easy. Simple elimination will be sufficient.

29 March 2008 at 01:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only journalist mentioned in the
is Anil Lad. That does not make him Mr. P.???

The only journo with a 'P'in his name is Pramod Khandeparkar, but that does not make him a Mr. P????

Pen Pricks with every post we are beginning to believe Post 6 P(en) P(ricks)is the real rouge.

29 March 2008 at 02:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

is it Preetu Nair?

29 March 2008 at 07:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr P, get off this post. We are not that naive enough as to not understand the abuse directed by you at Penpricks. Be man enough, stop ghost writing comments you A***h**e Mr P.
Good job Penpricks, please carry on.

29 March 2008 at 12:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it Peter D'Souza?

29 March 2008 at 12:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmm Peter.... rings a bell... a CRZ bell

29 March 2008 at 13:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pramod Khandeparkar is not even close to being a jurno....

29 March 2008 at 13:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a piece of s***!

No information, no details, just allegations. If you weren't anonymous and had the guts to name the person, you can bet you'd pay out lakhs for defamation.

Could it be that the real reason behind is awful invective is the fact that Mr P left his tiny paper to go to the great big one because of the harrassment of a certain Mr A, who everyone knows is part of the Penpricks team?

Could it also be that Mr A didn't make it through the selection process of this great big newspaper that has him gunning for Mr P?

That's a hell of a dirty way to get revenge. Shame on you.

29 March 2008 at 16:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In reply to Anon No: 1

If these guys were even the teeniest-weeniest bit 'fearless', they wouldn't be nameless.

Before they become brave enough to name others, they need to build up the courage to name themselves.

29 March 2008 at 16:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is in response to anon No 10's query who wanted the name of journalists from small newspapers who have left for Times of India.
Guys who have left The Navhind Times: Joaquim Fernandes, Rajtilak Naik, Ramdas Volvoikar, Pio Esteves, Somnath Maitri, Agenlo Pereira, Salil Kamat.
From Gomantak Times: Paul Fernandes, Preetu Nair, Aava, Peter D'Souza.

29 March 2008 at 21:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon @ 29 March 2008 at 16:08 and 16:10

Do you have to resort to repeated posts?

Penpricks should stay nameless....else they be targeted by their lame (supposedly jurno) boss

30 March 2008 at 11:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This 'Mr. P' business is just crap.
Grapes are sour, for those who cannot reach for the sweet grapes growing off the grapevines of the TOI.
Casting aspersions on the journos of the soon-to-be-launched-TOI, is just a way to try to pre-empt the inevitable, your financial ruin.

Penpricks will celebrate its 'first' anniversary very soon. Well, it's going to be a cause for double celebration because it is also going to be a 'final' one too. For once the TOI rides roughshod over mediocrity (that's you guys), you and your families will be queuing at the public libraries searching in vain in the 'situation vacant' section. Penpricks will have nothing to report about.

Learn other skills, loosers; for journalism is over for you. If you become a florist, you could call your shop 'PenPansies'; 'PenStand' if you decide to start a stationery shop. 'PenCakes' should you decide to start selling bakery products. You might not survive here unless you can compete with the likes of Samant Brothers and Cafe Central.

I see it so clearly now. You guys drowning your sorrows with drink while your spouse sobs my floor and cleans my toilet, to earn enough to support the family including the good-for-nothing-once-upon-a-time-journo.

31 March 2008 at 00:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The National Commission for Women, came to Goa, ejoyed the sun, sand, luxurious meals 'n accomodation, fun n frolicked, talked some bull, drew up some bad in law conclusion and here's the best part, they left a huge bill for the State of Goa to pay.

'Tomcat' (Sunday pg 2 Herald) got it right about the NCW.

Some newspapers carried the item on today's front page! How stupid can one get.

31 March 2008 at 07:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Peter, (Anon on 31 March, 00:50) you posted this comment 1 day too early!

31 March 2008 at 07:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon: 29 March 2008 02:24

I was thinking about the chap named as 'MM' in the said post/link. But then my guess of the real identity of the mysterious 'Mr. P' is as bad as yours.

I must add that PP's new style of writing reminds me of the "Pssst..." weekly articles GT used to carry not too long ago.

Now one character with similar stripes, called 'Tomcat' has arrived on the Herald scene.

31 March 2008 at 10:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there,
It is as clear as water that the pp post has rattled Mr P and his cronies. If not why so much venom is being spewed on pp??
If there were no truth in the post the best remedy would be to ignore it.
Poor chap, anon @ March 31 has been burning the midnight lamp to reply to the post.
Cool it guys. Very soon the name of Mr P will be out in the open. Off course it’s very obvious to the discerning eye. (Read the heading dude!!!).
And what’s so great about getting an offer from TOI and joining them?
TOI tried to get the best hands from the local talent, both in terms of quality and credibility.
When they failed to do so, they laid their hands with whatever thrash available, at the last minute.
Think about these thrash guys who feel great about getting into TOI!!
Time will definitely expose these thrash.
Till then, cheers to pp and their ilk.
Expose the b……. (the black sheep) in the fourth estate.

31 March 2008 at 12:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi penpricks....
I am going through this post for the first time. I have read many a pieces here. But every f... who is writing their comments want to know everything.
But they all suck. 99 percent of the comments are Anonymous and these Anonymous commentators want to know about others.
do they call themselves guys. They must be real suckers.
I am lester here working in England. In my next comment I am forwarding my email id so that any commentator who is annoyed with me can write to me directly also.
I appreciate Penpricks for their job. But u commentators are really sick.
Ryan Carvalho, London
(comment edited -- PP)

31 March 2008 at 19:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's really pathetic to write something like this about the mother who lost her child. I serously hope that whoever has written this comment, (edited). this is the only way this person will feel the pain.
(Comment edited -- PP)

31 March 2008 at 22:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1 April 2008 at 17:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lester here working in England:

Hi, there is no need for you to post your email id separately.

Just visit , create your free email id and start posting under your id.

You are located in England. Many of the writers here are not. Perhaps they have their compulsions.


1 April 2008 at 18:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"And what’s so great about getting an offer from TOI and joining them?"

Salaries, perks, fabulous picnics, foreign travel, business class air travel, laptops, Nokia/other Device, mid-segment cars, prestige/ snob value, bragging rights, prime accomodation, upward career prospects as in joining Times Now Channel (as compared to HCN which is off the air as I write), working with brilliant brains, work environment, work-from-home where possible, instant recognition, instant access to people who matter, etc..

1 April 2008 at 22:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you missed the bit about not having to work with filipino imported carpenters in a dinghy ghetto

2 April 2008 at 08:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon:29 March 2008 21:01

Thanks man

2 April 2008 at 17:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmm Peter and Paul in TOI!

2 April 2008 at 21:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BTW Why did you return to GT Mr P? (comment edited -- PP)

4 April 2008 at 13:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is this `Mr P' from small newspaper. Is it Pramod Khandeparker, Paul Fernandes, Preetu Nair,Peter D'Souza or Prasanna Shirodker from GT or Paresh Prabhu and Prashant Verenker, ex staff from Gomantak or Pandurang Gaonkar from Sunprant.

4 April 2008 at 22:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A few years ago GT, under Sujay Gupta used to carry a weekly "Pssst..." column. One of those journos happened to be in a shack, where he overheared a conspiracy being hatched to bump him off. Sujay highlighted the matter on the front page of the GT.

Does this have any relation to the mysterious Mr. P?

4 April 2008 at 23:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

04 April 2008 23:30 Anon

That is so hilarious!!!

4 April 2008 at 23:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr P will never return to GT. I have faith in him. He may have gone there for "something" that was promised to him. Let us wait and see what he does in a couple of days.

5 April 2008 at 13:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

annonymous 04 April 2008 23:30

The jurno your are referring in Sujay Gupta weekly column Psssst..... was not Mr P. It was Mr A.
The conspiracy your are speaking of earned Mr A free security and salary without work for almost six months - thanks to Sujay Gupta.
Sujay Gupta did not stop here. He even wrote an edit and rewarded Mr A with two promotions in 15 months. I think Mr A is still working for GT after he joined with only photography experience from the other GT (GOA TODAY).

5 April 2008 at 13:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ashley listen up! we are talking about you

5 April 2008 at 20:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Mr P still working in GT. We have overheard that wherever Mr P goes he works only for three hours. Can GT guys throw more light on this.

5 April 2008 at 23:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, of course. After a brief dalliance with TOI, Mr P has indeed returned to GT.

8 April 2008 at 13:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr `A' is now no more with Gomantak Times. He has joined the Times of India. Mr `P` has returned to Gomantak Times and nobody knows for how long will he be there. Is it true that most of the Gt staff hates Mr `P'

13 April 2008 at 21:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The best way to catch Mr `P' is that one should talk to the parties whom he approached. Perhaps they may throw more light on this

13 April 2008 at 21:06  

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