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Hi guys, we finally got the reply we'd sought from Sandesh, before we wrote this post on his reported switch to Prudent from Sunaparant. Here's what he wrote back to us. We got this mail on May 19. Its nice that he has put his position on record. Anonymous comments to this post will be deleted if they are slanderous to Sandesh, who has lent his name to this input. Or else, send in your name with a genuine email ID along with the comment.
Here's what we had mailed Sandesh...
Dear Sandesh,
Is there truth to the reports that you are switching from Sunaparant to Prudent media? If yes, could you state the date of switch and the designation you would be taking up there?
We are running a small post on the issue. your reply could be of assistance

And this is Sandesh's response

Dear PP,
Extremely sorry for the delay. I was away from the office for over a week (in my village Mashem in Canacona), hence could not open the mail. Secondly, I was also busy with our annual new look for the daily issue on 13th May, our anniversary.
Yes, I have resigned from Sunaparant. I am joining Prudent Media as the Editor-in-Chief to start 24-hour News & Infotainment tv channel. Satellite is the ultimate target, but we will go step by step.
Unfortunately, none of us, including myself, have any experience of running such a 365-day channel. It’s much different from running a one-hour capsule a day. We thus need time to launch it, before we build necessary infrastructure and get all of us properly trained. Then will begin the dry run and soft launch, before the actual launch.
Before I leave, I need to make alternate arrangements here. The date of joining Prudent thus cannot be specified at this stage.
I have been speaking publicly about this concept for the last three years, especially at Konkani Parishad etc and was even invited in Mangalore and Kochi to explain the concept. My organization was fully aware about this and I am leaving my Sunaparant responsibility only after consulting them.
Hope we succeed in this venture with the help and co-operation of all my colleagues in the fraternity.
Thanks and sorry for the delay.
Sandesh Prabhudesai


Blogger Mumbai Journo said...

Good for Sandesh. Just wanted to know if Prudent Media is having any tie-up with IBN, Network 18 group?

These guys are moving to every state, tying up with a local player by setting up a Special Purpose Vehicle. IBN Lokmat in Maharashtra, IBN7 in Hindi are prime examples.

They are also said to be planning channels in Punjabi and Gujarati as well. So Goa should be on their radar since the national media suddenly seems to have discovered India's smallest state.

First came ToI and DNA is said to be waiting in the wings as well. Where will they all find people to staff them is an open question.

19 May 2008 at 23:40  
Blogger Jason said...

Did not know that the great Sandesh Prabhudessai, one of the most revered media personalities in the annals of Indian history, entertained questions from anonymous bloggers. Amazing work by PP.

Life is serious, after all.

20 May 2008 at 08:57  

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