Wednesday, 2 May 2007

HARDCORE JOURNALISM -- Introducing... the real PRICKS

Ok here's a flash a reader just sent in.

Three Goan journalists have come back home from a trip to Delhi some days back. The three journalists -- known for their obvious Congress leanings -- had been to Delhi to peddle their profession in the capital's political circles.

They were in Delhi to endorse the credentials of Congress ticket aspirants from Goa. While a couple of the trio were hosted at Goa Sadan, the other was hosted by Congress aspirants elsewhere. The journos met some members of the Congress High Command and pitched for their respective candidates.

Such soliciting is nothing new to journos. The switch from the second oldest profession to the oldest profession in the world is a mere single hop. And these three journos have been known to use their newspapers as politcal toilet paper for some time now.

The most elderly journo from this trio, an editor, who now writes for a national daily has been known to consistently peddle his politician/fixer brother-in-law from South Goa whenever opportunity allows. One of his articles in the recent past took the cake, when he interviewed a lady of Goan roots who was elected mayor in a neighbouring state. One of the last sentences in his article even had the woman saying "I am indebted to this guy (obviously the brother-in-law was named). He is my political guru." Perhaps she could have even meant it. But our journo certainly managed to get across a point here." This journo had put up at Goa Sadan.

The second journo works for a local English language daily. Known to have started his career in journalism with a sound footing as a block level Congress member from Goa's northern extremes. No harm there. His highly successful pay-to-publish policy is known have been the benchmark the TIMES OF INDIA run pay-to-publish outfit MEDIANET sought to have aspired for.

The third journo works for a local (not exactly local) vernacular newspaper from Margao. He organises cultural shows and pulls in his star Bollywood performers with the help of the same Congress ticket aspirant whose case he has gone to endorse in the capital. But, give him some credit. He writes pretty well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The first one's Raju... Raju Nayak? Right right???? WHo's the third one from Margao???? Who's this guy? Tell Tell Tell

3 May 2007 at 20:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this blog run by the mine-owners of Goa?

For the information of your two and a half readers, Raju Nayak and Sushant Kunkolienkar were in Delhi to attend a workshop on mining organized by the Centre for Science and Environment in Delhi. Along with Father Philip and Ramesh Gauns, Raju and Sushant virtually screwed the mine owners of Goa.

S Sridhar from the mine-owners lobby along with representatives of Salgaocars and Dempos were virtually on the mat after Sunita Narain narrated how goondas chased her away during a site visit. For more info read Down To Earth magazine.

All journalists in Goa know that the only two journalists with enough balls to right against the mining lobby in Goa are Raju Nayak and Sushant Kunkolienkar.
They write hard-hitting pieces despite enjoying good relations with mine owners.

Unlike some others who sell Goa to the mine owners and the BJP but choose to keep a studied silence on forums like this blog. For example why is this blog silent abt the appointment of Parrikar's chamcha SD as editor of a regional newspaper. SD was in charge of Goa Entertainment Society under Parrikar.

Don't you know how much money have journos SP and PKmade under Parrikar? Journo JD has become Parrikar's PRO. But why are you quiet?

So are you waiting to become editor of the English Goa Dhoot with funding from Dattaraj Salgaocar and the Dempos?

4 May 2007 at 12:00  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

Hey ANON II had sent in this note. The only alteration to his note is that the names he/she has mentioned have been shrunk for obvious reasons

4 May 2007 at 12:03  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

BTW forgot to mention this last time... mine-owners starting a blog... thats one of funniest one's i've heard yet. but the write up holds...

8 May 2007 at 23:16  

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