Thursday, 23 August 2007


Hey guys Herald’s got a new website for itself… The site does look pretty good. But look… How does one re-jig stuff like this? What can one possibly do when editorials call Pratibha Patil, the prime minister of the country? And this within a couple of weeks of her being appointed to highest office? Imagine some school kid collecting editorials and sticking them in his chapbook? Pratibha Patil… prime minister? What next?


Cheap stunt
It is a known fact that the average Indian or for that matter any person loves to be photographed next to a Page 3 celebrity. But this offer from a Mumbai businessman is taking things a little too far. For fee get a photo next to the Prime Minister Pratibha Patil. The reason why this can happen is that the president of a business organization also has a vice president who is close to the President.
But the question is what happens to protocol and formality. For a mere Rs 22,000 any person will get his or her face close to the First Citizen of the Country. Is there no respect now for this august institution? It was a different matter when former President APJ Kalam went around greeting children and inviting them over to Raisna Hill but it is definitely a matter of shame that this post can be cheapened by such a stunt.


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