Monday, 3 September 2007


We love this dateline now.
NT News Service

Ever since The Navhind Times posted Agnelo Periera to Margao, the dateline is looking up. Fresher stories, unusual takes, newer angles... Overall its a refreshing change from the thrash that dateline used to churn out earlier, ever since Rupesh Samant's exit.
But the reason we simply love reading it, is cause of the words Agnelo tends to use sometimes. You remember the "THING OF PASSE" episode... That rocked didn't it?
Check out this one now...
Now we all know a cat purrs right? It's that soft whirring kind of a sound they make when you pat them. Now lets see what the online edition of the Oxford dictionary has to say about this word.

PURRS: verb 1 (of a cat) make a low continuous vibratory sound expressing contentment.
2 (of a vehicle or engine) move or run smoothly while making a similar sound.

Ok what does it say... "low continuous vibratory sound expressing contentment"...
And now check this excerpt we have carved out for you from this story filed from the Margao dateline. The story's energy suggests that it's been filed by Agnelo. Its about the family from Benaulim who had some chicken-based dish at the 'Goa King burger' outlet and ended up with a bout of food poisoning. This guy went to their homes and met the folk who had ended up ill. Just read on guys... Have your fill of laughter.
As usual look out for the small portion in bold.
Chicken ordeal of Benaulim family
NT News Service
Margao, Sept 1
You are what you eat.
A family or three including a five-year-old child from Benaulim, realized this truth, the hard way...

...All the three were still recuperating when this reporter visited them, late Saturday evening.
“We had a suspicion that it could be the Chicken Shawarma,” the mother purred from her bed, adding that her doubt was confirmed only when she read about it in the paper, today morning...

Can you beat that guys... A poor mother of two (what we made out from the report) laid up from a bout of foodpoisoning 'purrs' to The Navhind Times Margao correspondent from her bed? The only thing one could possibly purr from bed is 'Come hither'. ;)
This is as wild as it can get.
You call on a sick patient and what does the latter do? She purrs (as in make a low continuous vibratory sound expressing contentment according) to you.... hahaha... Hey readers, whenever you get an opportunity to speak to Agnelo, don't talk to him ok, Purr to him... he seems to love the kink.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meee'w'ow! what an article !

3 September 2007 at 13:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It pains me to be compelled to correct you guys :-) I love reading your stuff, but I just cannot let this pass.
Ref: "...from the thrash that dateline used to churn..."
Shouldn't it be 'trash' rather than 'thrash'?

4 September 2007 at 21:45  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

anon 1: thanks man
Anon 2: Hey you've caught us man... That's an error... thanks a ton... :)

4 September 2007 at 23:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was a time, not long ago, when Agnelo would respond to this blog.

Hey Agnelo... say something... anything.

4 September 2007 at 23:39  

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