Saturday, 22 September 2007


Vow!! Press freedom initiative coming from Goa Marathi Patrakar Sangh. That’s very interesting?!
They are doing something. The same Marathi press guys, who indulge in worst kind of journalistic malpractices and ethical aberrations. We all know about it, don’t we?!!
Vernacular press guys in Goa are at the pits when it comes to journalistic pro.........(yuck we don't want to spell the word).
During the recent assembly elections, there was this notorious journalist from Mapusa of a popular vernacular (TB) broadsheet.
We tell you guys, this chappie really, really sucked up to all and sundry in the fray.
This chap even managed to catch hold of a `deskie’ (sub-editor) to get all his `PR’ stories published. (Wonder how the top rung fellas did not smell a rat, then).
But what cooked his goose was his intense greed to make a fast buck. Easy money na!
He alone swallowed Rs 50,000 which he was supposed to distribute among his other colleagues in Mapusa.
And the cash-for-publicity was coughed up by an equally notorious (dudhsagar) politician living at the periphery of Mapusa.
Of course we will give it to the daily. After a good one month, post elections, an enquiry followed and prompt action was taken on the erring scribe.
He was transferred from his cozy place of work in mapusa to the head office, Panjim.
Don’t take our word. Ask any of the Mapusa-based scribes. Or better ask the Mapusa PI, Mr Chennappa L Patil or any of the Mapusa-based politicians.
We deliberately don’t mention the scribe’s name.
Oh, where were we? Yes on the seminar, even more interesting was the panel of speakers and moderators for the various sessions.
Looks like the patrakar guys have done their homework well.
Thankfully the organizers have chosen the rather non-controversial, a guy who has an impeccable record as a journalist, the editor of GT, Derek Almeida to chair the session on ethics of journalism.
About the flag-bearers of the Goa Marathi Patrakar Sangh, the less said the better.
Some of them have already figured on the PP.
That the seminar has come at a time when four Mid-day fellas were sentenced for stretching their freedom a bit too far, is purely coincidental, uh??


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are not our regular prick... Who are you? This is not the way prick writes... and the spelling mistakes you mae have been corrected today... This is a completely different style

23 September 2007 at 12:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey prick,

this remark seems to stem out of jealousy for the vernie journos. I attended the seminar and found it reasonably well organized. There was Derrick of GT, Sandesh of Sunaparant, Devika of Deccan Herald, etc.

Seems Robbing Abreau chickened out as the pedophile editor, but still enough people to take the bull(shit) by its horns .

Better than the usual garbage dished out on Press Day at the Black Box of Kala Academy every year by the rascals who run GUJ.

BTW, did you notice a certain A R who was office-bearer of GUJ, has virtually run the place to the ground. No accounts submitted for several years now.

And how the chap blew up money inviting Bombay editors like Kumar Ketkar and then put them up at Mandovi.

All the hard earned money of journalists blown only because of one man's ego trip. But you won't point fingers at the man seen as your mentor, right?

24 September 2007 at 18:00  

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