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One of our readers had commented about this...
We have reproduced this piece from the ABOUT US section of the Herald's website... Its ridden with errors... BTW how about you guys, rewriting it and sending it back to us in light of the CASH FOR EDITORIALS story we broke. Make it witty, sans libel, sans personal comments and sans abuse... You could send it to us on or punch it in the comments section. The former would be preferable. We'll carry the best one on the blog...


For more than hundred years one paper has served the people of GOA like no other. It is an institution which represents the collective consciousness of the GOANS. Herald is GOA with in depth reach. It covers widest segment of GOAN readership and is the choice of decision makers and alike. People with purchasing power are its avid readers. When you advertise in HERALD whether you wait to promote your products or service, the response you receive is certain and most genuine.
Herald the largest circulated English Daily of Goa having a circulation of 44, 467 copies, aims to provide its readers superior premium paper both in terms or news coverage and superior paper quality which will match their aspiring lifestyle.
At HERALD our readers and advertisers are always come first and to meet their highest standards we have endeavored to provide the best. Herald edition carries all pages in color, giving quality news to our readers and advertisers.
The HERALD is the medium for consumer durables and non-durables, personal care and lifestyle products, financial services, investment opportunities, entertainment, leisure and pleasure facilities, travel and tourism etc.
HERALD have the following USPs
* Is Goa’s most popular English Daily
* Commands the widest spectrum of the local readership and enjoying good lifestyle and
meaningful per capital disposal income.

* Has the widest in-depth geographic penetration in addition to the largest circulation.
* Is processed and printed on the latest state-of-the-art printing equipment – a telling
advantage when color advertisements need to be published.

* Possesses a hard core of committed readers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The whole 'About Us' about Herald can be read like an Obituary in the past tense. Get what I mean.
For example:
For more than hundred years one paper had served the people of GOA like no other. Having lived for 100 years it was inevitable that the end was near.
It was an institution which represented the collective consciousness of the GOANS.
However towards the end of the 100 years it lost its conscience and slipped into a self-dug hole, an incredibly deep mire of corruption, that no one could reach to lift Herald from.

The best line is this, others may find many:
People with purchasing power are its avid readers.
This line can be read like this:
People with purchasing power are our avid buyers as they can buy not only advertising space but also editorial content (hyperlinks to harry and robin's emails can be provided here)

16 September 2007 at 18:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Penpricks: In determining the innocence or guilt of a person/company, there exists a principle of natural justice. The underlying premise is that the prosecution and the judge are unbiased.

Justice has not only to be done, but also seem to be done. The person is innocent, until proven guilt; and that's the law. A person also has the right to appeal a sentence to the highest authority. Generally this is the Supreme Court of India.

On 15th September 2007, The Goan Observer , in its Stray Thoughts article reproduces a part of the story. The author, Mr. Rajan Narayan goes on to suggest that the Herald needs to issue a clarification.

From a legal view point, is a person/company expected to respond to every allegation?

There a thousands and millions of blogs making allegations and insinuations. Hey, there are even 6 billion people saying or writing something or another about somebody all the time!

The bottom line is that Penpricks is written by anonymous person(s).

I recall very recent incidents
1. The talk by Mr. Ram Punyani was cancelled by the police after receiving an anonymous complaint.

2. In the just concluded Assembly Session, the reply from Minister Ravi Naik states that a person was illegally/unlawfullyarrested for, listen to this,"putting hand in the bucket" or something similar!

The law of the land clearly states that anonymous complaints are NOT to be entertained.

Rajan Narayan has been unethical in asking Herald to respond to this allegation. Rajan, himself, has not responded to the post !

To conclude this rather long comment, Herald is innocent until proven guilty. To conclude otherwise would be dangerous.

(If any of you has an L.L.B. degree or higher please inform me/us about the validity of the following assumptions made by me

1. A person is innocent until proven guilty.

2. The complainant has to prove the guilt of the accused, in a court of law- recognised by the constitution of India.

3. Anonymous complaints have no legal standing/bearing.

If you don't have the degree, you could ask someone.
I'll be glad to hear from YOU!)

17 September 2007 at 00:14  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

Anon 1: Fair try... More than fair... thats a real good one... there's others coming.. Wait a while will you... thanks
Anon 2: You've must have spent a lot of time writing all that you have... Thanks for the time mate...

17 September 2007 at 00:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

referring to the LLB guy,
are there any LLB journalists in town.
or is there any pro-Herald LLB scribe

17 September 2007 at 19:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon @ 17 September 2007 19:49:

Those principles of justice are basic, thought at perhaps first semester.

Colleges in Goa have a programme wherein students have do a "free legal aid cell". They are spread out. Is there no such cell near where you live/work?

You could ask
1. Salgaocar Law college in Panaji


2. Kare Law College in Margao

about the location of their students' cells.

Telephone numbers of colleges etc. are available at 0832 - 2412121 (Hello Information Services Pvt. Ltd.), 24 hr helpline!

17 September 2007 at 22:06  

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