Friday, 7 September 2007


Hi guys... The Nikhil Joseph mockery continues. Herald continues to pilfer stuff from the internet and publish it as its own. Here's a recent story which appeared in Friends, Herald's weekly supplement. It's titled 'Overcoming that academic malaise' 'By Nikhil Joseph'.
This story has been lifted from a website called, where it was titled 'Personality Styles of Chronic Academic Underachievers'

Here's the link where the original article has been published before it was plagiarised by the Herald.
We'd like to reiterate why we keep keep bringing this issue up time and again.
Look, how do you expect a cub reporter, a budding writer/columnist/a deskie who wants to do good stories, to react to such rampant plagiarism being practiced in his/her own newspaper? When an editor of a newspaper plagiarises with such abandon (and goes unreprimanded), why wouldn't juniors follow suit? And what more, they see the editor Robin Abreu getting away with this everyday. Every god damn day. Its so easy to just lift stuff from the internet and slap it into your copy.

See what Robin (we are taking the liberty of presuming it's Robin, cause we've caught him with his pants down so many times, we even know about that big mole on his ..... by now ;)) does here... This according to us is a crime. One of the worst things that you could ever inculcate in a young journo. Check out these quotes we are reproducing from the Nikhil Joseph story now.

-- Agrees Sheela Varghese, student counselor, “not all academic underachievers are alike. The problem of underachievement is a symptom - like a stomach ache - that can have many different causes, each of which requires a different solution.'
-- Says Shailendra Varma, professor of English, “at the heart of any underachievers problem is the personality style. Each of these personality styles is reason for underachievement, and each requires a careful assessment and a different counseling or remedial approach.”

These two people don't exist. What has been done here is, chunks from the story have been lifted and positioned as bytes from fictitious folks. This is sheer cheating. And the newspaper biggies are setting the example here by cheating themselves. This is a very very harmful trend especially for youngsters in the profession still neck deep in the process of learning. It's very tempting too. You sudddenly don't need to sweat anymore. Just sit in the air conditioned office and invent names and dump the plagiarised stuff against these names.
Here's the link to the plagiarised Nikhil Joseph Story. You guys can work the similarities out and believe us, its too damn easy.
And as promised that's a picture of Nikhil Joseph... aka Sandy Marcus licenced Clinical Psychologist and certified Professional Resume Writer from Ohio, who actually wrote the original article.
Ok... think it turned out to be a PJ na... sorry bout that guys...


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PSSST GUYS... I Wanna see what HARRY MANN looks like (hehehe)

14 September 2007 at 17:40  
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Keep up the good work.

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