Thursday, 6 September 2007


Hey guys here’s what we heard.
Marathi is on a poaching spree. Ever since the resident editor Suresh Naik has been butt-kicked upwards and replaced by Sanjay Dhavalikar, the latter has been trying to put together his team. Here’s his newly acquired trio and a few words about them.

Suyash Gaunekar: Formerly with Goa Doot, joins Gomantak as news editor. Wise head on young shoulders. Was or still is a part of the Sanatan Prabhat cult. But a good journo overall.
Suhas Belekar: One of the crappiest vernacular senior subs around. Formerly with Tarun Bharat. The kind who still think wearing a pair of denims makes a woman promiscuous. This guy’s most definitely a bad bargain. But weaning him away from Tarun Bharat means leaving the newspaper with only one senior sub in the equally inefficient Sudesh Arlekar. Belekar joins Gomantak Assistant editor.
Ganesh Javdekar: Formerly with Navprabha, where he was editor Suresh Walve’s pet. Not much of a change for him. This switch takes him from one Bhat editor to another in Sanjay Dhavalikar. And this Bhat factor means a lot to Ganesh. Talk to him and you’ll understand. He joins now as chief sub editor. Hardworking guy and can work like a mule, either on the field or on the desk. Nice guy, until he opens his mouth.


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