Friday, 7 September 2007


Have you guys heard what our Honourable Rajya Sabha MP Shantaram Naik said in Parliament today.
Mr Naik actually likened the 123 agreement to Madhuri Dixit's Ek, Do, Teen... song from Tezaab. The last time Goa was embarrassed in Parliament was when someone tried to speak in Konkani... remember?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Embarassed about the mother tongue? I'm not.

I applaud the person who had the courage to speak in the mother tongue in Parliament.

English and Hindi are the aliens here; not the other way around. Remember the time when we could not get a top bureaucratic job, post liberation/annexation/freedom because our language was farted/peed at.. eh? Find out about the resulting invasion of the 'deputationists' and their introduction of organised corruption. If you were too young, ask someone who lived through those days.

If the above does not sink in for some reason... here are two exercises you may try
1. If you live in a posh colony and have security guard(s)... sack them. Or better still replace him with a lady (you pretend to be proponents of 'equal opportunity'? Don't you?).

2. Take your two/four wheeler and drive at a reasonable speed over potholes. If the bumps don't help, the mechanics bill will!

As far as Shantaram and his ilks are concerned, they are here today gone tomorrow.

Should someone think/write otherwise, I will give my final reply in advance...

I don't give a damn!

(Please note that this comment is only for someone, who the cap fits)

10 September 2007 at 01:08  

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