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We promised an input on development's in the Herald vis a vis our CASH FOR EDITORIALS story... It looks like this... Around Dussehra, the Herald management will smear a tilak on Mr Harry Mann's head, garland his neck, parade him around Goa before taking him back Raul for the final blow. Robin has already sharpened the axe and last we heard, (guys in charge of advertising... including some guys close to Raul (this sentence has been edited since the first time it was published) who are constantly looking out for pain-killers at Hindu pharmacy... Their stomach muscles ache from the constant laughing the ydoes secretly in the loo on the groundfloor.
The news is Harry Mann will be made the sacrificial goat. Why? Here's why...
The team that Harry and the other Philipinos landed in Goa with, at least had some semblance of professionalism. They had pointed out several discrepancies in the financial operations and had not earned many friends here. The Philippinos had also pointed out to several instances where money from Herald's coffers was being systematically pilfered by the newspaper middle and near-top rung employees.
There had been reports of tiffs the Philippinos had with Robin Abreu (the editor), the advertising guys and their sidekicks
(this sentence has been edited since the first time it was published). This was just the kind of excuse these guys were looking for to knock the South East Asian stuffing from the newspaper.
But there are a couple of things we'd like to state here.
The blame for the CASH FOR EDITORIALS fiasco should not rest on just one individual. It is a collective failure, or rather the failure of a system in the Herald which led to this scam. According to us, the shoulders on whom the blame should rest are those of (in order)
Harry Mann
Robin Abreu
Savio the main advertising guy cause obviously nothing can be cleared in the advertising section without his sanction
and most importantly the managing director Raul Fernandes.
If Raul is reading this he should take note.
(this sentence has been edited since the first time it was published) This shit has been going on for long now. Fix responsibility. But fix it responsibly. Bringing down one guy alone will not help. Put in corrective measures. Had you guys penalised Robin for all that plagiarism and other hanky panky, he would have thought twice before indulging in stuff like this.
Harry Mann in his emails clearly told us that he had taken Robin into confidence while approving the deal.
We tell you how...
This is something the guys who are shirking responsibility have not considered yet. Remember we had told you, that we had passed on a sample editorial to the Herald through Harry Mann, so that they could see if it was 'alright'... Harry Mann had suggested that some corrections had been made by the Editor to enhance it's impact. He sent us a scanned copy of the editorial, which he says was corrected by Robin...
This according to us proves beyond doubt that not just Harry Mann alone, but Robin too knew about this deal. He cannot shirk responsibility here. Robin must have known that an adverstiser was going to furnish him with 'pre-paid editorials' (sic). We had planned to upload the scanned editorial, which Mann had sent us, gradually as we played out the letters.
But this dirty blame game which has started in the Herald has made us prepone that... We'll upload both the sample editorial we sent and the corrected copy that Herald sent us back in the evening.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Penpricks: There is a word 'prepone', that you have used. There is no such word in english. There is however 'postpone'!

It is a common mistake that people in Goa tend to make.

14 September 2007 at 15:44  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

Anon hi... We make it a point to admit whenever we make mistakes... But we checked here's the entry for prepone... do check it out...

Main Entry: prepone
Part of Speech: v
Definition: to place in front of, to schedule for an earlier time; cf. postpone

14 September 2007 at 16:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so why the changes?

14 September 2007 at 16:31  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

Hi... the changes have been made to salvage a source who has been crucial in passing inputs to us. He has been of superlative help to us. She is an upright person working in the advertising/marketing section of the newspaper and is completely disillusioned by the happenings there. These changes were made about one hour after the piece was uploaded

14 September 2007 at 16:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

penpricks hi... This word 'prepone' is not a part of the Oxford English Dictionay.

Yup, it is there on the dictionary mentioned by you.

However, you can check up a hard copy of 'Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary'. Easier still, visit and give a search.

You find 'postpone' but no 'prepone'

The Oxford, still is the only recognised dictionary atleast in Goa.

No probs with you using words from non maintream dictionaries... But these words might create some confusion for the reader.

14 September 2007 at 17:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mention the gender of the source. Be careful there prick... there are not many women at the Herald.

They could figure out.. and target her!

14 September 2007 at 17:44  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

postpone anon: Cool...
Gender Anon: Friend... our main interest is to protect our source in this case. And we are doing our best to ensure that... Our very best

14 September 2007 at 18:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The other big fraud in the Goan journalist lineup is Arun Sinha the editor of Navhind Times. Is this mediocre Bihari babu the best Mr Dempo could find to lead his newspaper ? Pricks has done a great service to Goa by exposing the the dirty men at Herald but the paper with the most readership is Navhind Times and the Navhind Times is a big scandal in itself.

14 September 2007 at 18:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey pricky pen i have a guess of who's your female Source...shud i name her.......???? but mind you its just a guess coz she's the only women to be doubted there in the she too is into marketing with a pony tail & a boy cut & who's mostly seen with Mr Harry mann..hope you might have guessed it by now!!

15 September 2007 at 12:57  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

Biharibabu anon: Time... time... all in good time... ;)
Anon who knows the source: hey listen ... i dunno know what you are thinking... that wont be a fair thing to do...

16 September 2007 at 01:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The are rumours in Herald that the female source of penprick has been identified and management will be shortly initiating action. You guys are crazy to spill the beans of your own kind. You have landed her into trouble prickos.. that's the foolish thing you pricks have done so far.

16 September 2007 at 18:35  
Anonymous grass is green said...

abt that marketing girl: i have not heard of anyone sporting a pony tail and a boy cut all at the same time.
Maybe someone from another planet maybe from Venus or is it Mars

16 September 2007 at 19:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

penpricks has withheld my comment in response to green grass.. i mean grass is green... any reason?

18 September 2007 at 14:57  

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