Monday, 24 September 2007


Hey man, wonder what were our journo amigos doing, when D Subbarao and Arvind Mayaram, were in our backyard.
Both big names in the union ministry of finance, the former nation’s finance secretary and the latter India’s joint secretary infrastructure and ADB, were down in Goa late last week attending a workshop on public private partnership. Probably, our indolent scribos were chasing our local political idols, if not trying to schedule their beats for some lucrative business press conferences.
While our chums including, those from the revered Times of India or the Indian Express and the news agency guys, won’t bat an eyelid to scamper for an opening of a `Red Tape’ showroom in Margao or say a `Khaitan’ press conference late in the evening in far flung Canacona, a more cerebral debate on PPP is given a go by. Cause a workshop is generally followed dinner or tea, while these commercial press conference end with drinks and cocktails.
A debate on a topic of national importance, right here in Goa. And not a word of it in the other two local English dailies. Can you beat that? Business pages here are only for silly press notes in which news value is next to nothing.
Hey, come on guys. You need to get your priorities right.And of course yes, yes, this NT chap must have attended it more out of compulsion, we suppose? Read its front-page report, especially the part continued in and you’ll know, what we mean.

BTW, CII has presented a nice chic bag to those who attended the workshop. Go get it guys, those of you who missed it (he he he …)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Friend,

The fact is that the newspapers were not even aware about the PPP workshop.... if it was know sure we would have attended...But sadly it is not the journos to blame but the organisers as most of them choose which paper they would like to call and but naturally Navhind gets the queens treatment as always... It goes to say, it pays to be longer in the industry

24 September 2007 at 21:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PPP is just crap! Why? Well who decides the private partner? In a corrupt country like India that's not tough to figure out, is it eh?

Ok... Let's talk about journos...
Recently, the Sports Journalists Association of Goa tied up with Geno and gave away some awards ... nothing wrong with that.

Sameer Anil Salgaoncar won the award for the "best organiser"...(hehehe)... Someone please inform the Department of tourism... They could use an organiser like him to tow away the River Princess!!

On the topic of PPP(Public Private Partnership)... Don't you, after listening to the PPP hype machine, say to yourself, "what?!"
Now, why have these sports journos tied up with Geno? Mr. Salgaocar's (of Geno) wife tried hard to get nominated as the Congress candidate for the Mapusa seat, in the recent assembly election. She along with MLA Dayanand Narvekar were implicated by Mr. Shirish Naik, in the Cash for jobs scandal. (Margaret Alva wiggled her way out)

Penpricks... come the next elections... watch out for Geno, leveraging sports journos who in turn use their clout on other journos in their companies to get free media coverage during elections.

24 September 2007 at 23:36  

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