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You guys must have read this story right?
published it some months ago…
This was the story on which CNN-IBN built most of its 'investigation' around. This was also the story which first started the ‘THE RUSSIANS ARE COM
ING’ psychosis…
Outlook's Russia story (check the link) 'Molotov on the Mandovi' claims that Russians had been investing into real estate in Goa through the FDI route.
Excerpts from OUTLOOK
-- Intelligence feedback is that the Russian mafia is buying land to set up base for running its arms and drugs tr
-- The mafia is buying huge tracts of land in Goa, Delh
i, Maharashtra through benami companies
-- There are fears that the Russian pockets of influence could serve as safe havens for international criminals and terrorists. They have justified their claims using the Pramod Walke – True Axiz example… All fine up to here… This is fine as far as journalism is concerned. But the issue we wish to raise is
something else altogether… Outlook, when it quotes excerpts from a National Security Council Report, may make sense when it says that Russians are bribing their way in to Goa and buying land to create vital pockets of interests.
Land… that’s what these guys are after… Isn’t this was Outlook is saying?
But then LAND in Goa is also what the Raheja’s are after?Wanna see how? For those readers who aren’t aware of this fact… Outlook Publihsing Pvt Ltd, which owns the Outlook family of magazines is owned by Rajan Raheja (the guy with a tilak on the forehead) whose known business interests in retail, real estate, tele communication Rajan Raheja was ranked 32 in the richest guys in India by the Forbes magazine. Rajan Raheja is a cousin (and not an estranged one) to Ravi Raheja of the K Raheja corp (chairman C L Raheja, the elderly chap in the picture) which have chosen the ‘legal’, but controversial and highly suspect SEZ (Special Economic Zone) route in Goa. If its coastal land that interests the Russians, the Raheja’s are eyeing prime property in Verna. The Raheja’s are eyeing 149 hectares of land in Goa through the SEZs. Sure Outlook will not carry a story on the SEZ controversy in Verna and the rest of Goa… would they? Perhaps we could look at SPUTNIK doing that then…


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Prickos

Love you guys.I love the way you guys take on the establisment and all sundry and your gutsy style of exposing the Goan media.
I don't know about Herald and GT but am cent percent sure that `the paper you can trust' will never carry a word on Rahejas.
I believe they are the same Rahejas who are planning a huge township in a remote village of Carmona.
The people have raised their voice over there and I hope they triumph in their resolve to drive these land sharks away.
Only Herald reported that issue there.
I wonder what at all has happened to our Agnelo Pereira who had done some quite indepth pieces when in Herald. I wonder if his journalistic instincts are supressed in The Navhind Times.
As to our media, shame on Sinhas and Abreus and Almeidas and their ilk.
They should come with more in-depth investigative reporting.
And I suppose Herald and GT can b torch-bearers. Definitely not under the shameless plagiriser.
TNT is a pro-establishment rag.
The less you talk about vernacular media the better. Most of them are communal. Catering to a section of the community.

22 December 2007 at 22:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gr8 expose pricks!
The SEZ scam is the biggest of them all.

It is all about land and the media going selectively blind
Sunaparant will not write about the 18.5 hectares SEZ at Soccoro proposed by Panchabhoomi belonging to Salgaokars
NT will close the lid on IT habitat ‘cause de Dhempos are building it
Rajan will refuse to wash the dirty linen about the Zuari SEZ.

But, u penpricks are doing very well.
Keep up the good work.

Besides, Raheja's, also monitor Gera, DLF and locals like Dhempo, Acron, Chowgule, Landscape, Models, etc.


23 December 2007 at 05:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finest Piece of investigations ever, Dear Pricks. You Guys deserve a Pulitzer. Am appalled how bloggers missed the Raheja Connections...but then truth isn't something that everybody can handle. Have a More Prickly New Year

23 December 2007 at 22:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finest Piece of investigations ever, Dear Pricks. You Guys deserve a Pulitzer. Am appalled how bloggers missed the Raheja Connections...but then truth isn't something that everybody can handle. Have a More Prickly New Year

23 December 2007 at 22:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

(On an earlier post)
Hey penpricks what happened to that widow whose journo hubby died a pauper. Has Dempo employed her as promised?

(On this post)
Your eyes seem to focus more on english media? Marathi's Gomantak is No.1 man, not these...
Some DD scoop needed...

Excellent work... Looking forward to a penpricks filled New Year:)

Hey, there are some chappies that seem to think that awards mean something. In Goa even a crook can get a prize man. Wasn't Adolf Hitler nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize?

24 December 2007 at 11:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually the Outlook story carried the fact that the SEZ was a major threat to Goa. It has taken on SEZs in its other issues as well, including a cover story attacking all SEZs.
About the Russian mafia, there are certain issues that penpricks missed out on in its "breathless expose"

Fact that a document was indeed tabled in the state assembly by the then Chief Minister. However, it had failed to record most purchases of lands by foreigners. This is what was highlighted by Outlook which also had a sale deed in its possession that was published along with the story.

As far as the Russian mafia is concwerned they dont come to Goa buying land and taking out sale deeds in the name of teh "Russian mafia". Most of its is benami transactions with Indian partners who are paid their due share after the deal has got through.

Finally, the issue that the Russian Mafia had beenbuying land was mentioned a report classified as 'Secret" and authored by the National Security Council Secretariat that works under the Prime Minister's Office. Its sad that Penpricks overlooked these details mentioned in the story.

warm regards

1 July 2008 at 13:17  

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