Tuesday, 8 January 2008


Meet Mr Pramod M Khandeparkar... He is one of those never vanishing breed of 'old school' Goan journos...
Say, we must inform you, when we use the phrase 'Old School', what we are really trying to say is that these buggers were actually Pratapsing Rane's pet pupils, hence the reference to 'school' (damn sometimes we just cant get this humour bit right) .
Look at this article here, doesn't it seem like PMK hasn't forgotten the taste of the candy he suckled on to, during Rane's repeated regimes.
Look how PMK pauses generously to mention Rane's merits.
There's one more thing we wish to say here. You see, PMK served as Pratapsing Rane's chief minister's media advisor in Rane's last stint as chief minister. This time the chief minister ensured that the government paid him 'officially' for 'services' offered to him.
Keeping this in mind, its really necessary for both the print and the television media to mention the writer's background alongwith the article. You can't have 'the writer is a senior jouralist' tag against these perversely BJP oriented guys like Swapan Dasgupta or Balbir Punj. Same is the case with guys who have been elected to the Rajy Sabha on a Congress ticket.
Similar is the case with PMK, who has so obviously mortgaged their objectivity and sense to politicians, like Rane in PMK's case. Readers need to know where such writers are coming from.


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