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We got this mail from Rajan P. Parrikar, rather it was mailed to the Gomantak Times and copied to the penpricks ID.
Rajan P. Parrikar claims that the Gomantak Times picked his photo from the web and used it "without his permission" or "without crediting him". He has sought an explanation from the GT Editor Derek. Well, we do sincerely hope Rajan gets his answer, cause we still haven't gotten ours on that plagiarised editorial bit.
Here's Rajan's mail

From: "Rajan P. Parrikar"
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2008 06:45:46 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Using my photograph without permission and without credit
The Gomantak Times has used my photograph (Anthony D'Silva)
on page A2 today (Tues, April 15, 2008) without my permission
and without crediting me. This is unacceptable. Please explain.
I had posted the photograph to Goanet. See here -



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lost your balls at the prospects of being sued by ToI, eh?

How come you didn't publish the tip abt Preetu Nair being disciplined by ToI for responding to a comment on penpricks?

Too bad, you can stick your blunt prick on the likes of c... bulls like Raul and Derek Almeida. When you see a real rogue elephant, you suffer from temporary impotency!

In Hindi, they call the likes of you - gaajar ka boondi....
(Comment edited -- PP)

16 April 2008 at 11:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon @ 16 April 2008 11:45
I didn't follow your comment. Could you be kind enough to elaborate and explain?

16 April 2008 at 14:15  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

I exchanged a few emails
with GT. Turns out that Floriano Lobo had emailed them the photo. Since I know Floriano I have treated this matter as closed.
But that does not absolve GT.
How come they are not aware
of the basic journalistic procedure? You CANNOT publish material forwarded to
you without (a) checking for its veracity and (b) where matters of copyright are involved, checking up on the proper permissions.
Their response was that I should
follow it up with those who sent them the photo. What a load of hooey.
Finally: the sorry joke is that they credited the photograph to "AP."

16 April 2008 at 14:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Penpricks, the photo does not open.

The current photo opens through a link from the website

A workaround for this would be to download the picture to your computer and then upload it to this blog. This way you have absolute control of what appears.

You have done this for pictures of other posts.

16 April 2008 at 15:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rajan P. Parrikar: To avoid this you could use "digital watermark".

Or better still, embed your name to the pic. A Tv channel Asianet for example does it for their movies.

16 April 2008 at 15:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kind Attn: Penpricks

In your links section, the link
"Question Everything"
is supposed to open the blog

The above link has been deleted by its creator and is hence invalid.

16 April 2008 at 17:16  
Anonymous Rajan P. Parrikar said...

Anonymous: the EXIF and IPTC metadata was
already embedded in the image. I have not
yet turned on my Digimarc (which even has
the option of tracking your photos online)
but perhaps with this event I may get around
to doing it.

16 April 2008 at 21:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting Mr Rajan Parrikar! Floriano has sent the photograph to GT and he's your friend. So it's OK. So, if Floriano commits the crime it's ok. Somebody else does it, it's not. What kind of logic is this? The same one that you use to raise the ante against the establishment when our friend Manohar Parrikar is not the Chief Minister and ...lick the government when he is??? (comment edited -- PP)

16 April 2008 at 23:38  
Anonymous Rajan P. Parrikar said...

Anonymous tiger behind the keyboard:
Floriano or XYZ can send in whatever he likes to GT or to any newspaper. It is the decision of the newspaper and the newspaper alone whether or not to publish the material it receives. I may (or may not) decide to take it up with Floriano privately - it is my prerogative. What is of interest on the Pen Pricks blog is only the aspect dealing with journalistic misdemeanors.

As for your remarks about Manohar Parrikar etc - they are irrelevant to this discussion. Please keep whatever it is that goes for your mind focused on the issue under discussion.

17 April 2008 at 00:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


17 April 2008 at 10:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the Chief of Pen pricks (or the one without prick)
If you believe that you have achieved something extraordinary on the completion of one year its just nothing but pure shit.
You guys have virtually slit the throat of young journalists who wanted to make a mark in the profession.
You have done nothing but just criticized the Herald, Gomantak Times, Navhind Times and the to be launched Times of India and other vernacular press.
The so called white angels are nothing but just black sheep's who have nothing much to do but just gossip and tarnish ones image.
Contributors like ....., ....., ...., ...... and many more could do much better by reporting issue concerning the society but this gang of pricks are nothing extraordinary but just some shit that you find after people have sat along the roadside early morning for lack of proper toilets. these journalist are nothing but pure thrash.
The chief instructor ...... believes that he is the best and nothing but just gospel truth but infact he is the master who taught many others how to pick stuff from the net and rewrite to claim its his.
So guys here nothing to cheer up for you on your first anniversary.
(comment edited -- PP)

17 April 2008 at 11:01  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

Anon -- Thanks for your suggestion man, but the pic does open. checked it just now -- PP

17 April 2008 at 11:19  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

To the last anon: We'd forgotten this anniv bit. I thank you on behalf of all the pricks for remembering it -- PP

17 April 2008 at 11:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So the pricks conveniently leave aside names of contributors who do most of the damage to young journalist… I challenge you guys to make sure that the names are retained as I am firm and confident that these are the same pricks who have targeted young journalist. I only hope that since you have deleted the names of the contributors now I pray that you mention the names of the pricks during your anniversary issue if you guys have got ball near your dick.

17 April 2008 at 16:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To all anons:
When CNN for example, receives pics/videos for its i-reports, it does not check for veracity.

In fact, there is a clause that such a pic becomes the property of CNN.

GT received an unsolicited pic attached e-mail from Floriano Lobo*.

I think GT or for that matter any media, would be justified in publishing such unsolicited pics, if the pic does not have a copyright visible on the pic itself.

*(Incidently, Floriano Lobo is a florist, who I understand allegedly sent a wreath to a living lady teacher from the local school. I haven't asked Floriano for his side of the story)

To Anon 16 April 2008 23:38: A collo Dr. Willy had rightly objected when Manohar P. Parrikar had shown undue favouritism to one Nilesh Amonkar. He was given a 3 year contract for computer supply when govt. rules stipulate only 1 year contracts. He further networked & computerised the old Secretariat, when it was to be shifted just a few months away.

To Rajan P. Parrikar:
What does the inital 'P' stand for? Just curious:)

17 April 2008 at 16:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Penpricks: Please act on comment of
anon 16 April 2008 17:16

17 April 2008 at 16:43  
Anonymous Cheap publicity seeking parrikar said...

Sue Floriano Lobo ASAP

17 April 2008 at 17:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Annonymous 17 April (11.01 and 16.19)
How come you are asking Chief Prick to shed the annonymity of his contributors when you yourself are annonymous?

Ashley do Rosario
Deputy News Editor

18 April 2008 at 01:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 18 April 2008 01:07, Hi, According to anon 1 Preetu was reprimanded simply for responding in this blog; so was Agnelo Pereira whilst at Herald.

I sincerely hope GT has better policies towards its staff & you don't meet a similar fate (^_^)

18 April 2008 at 18:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pssst...Ashley... what ever happened to that GT column?

What happened to Mr. A who allegedly overheared that conspiracy at the shack? An anon just a few days ago reported of Sujay Gupta's soft corner for him. Not to mention police protection.

What say?

18 April 2008 at 19:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PP, don't give importance to Rajan P Parrikar. He is a frustrated man. He does not know that often newspapers used photographs sent by many individuals, social organisations and clubs on mutual trust except if they are not defamatory in nature. If Rajan was a principled man he should have not acted as a spy at Hotel Marriott when some MLAs camped there and threatened to pull down Congress govt. Rajan even posed as a journalist and asked questions. Is it true.

19 April 2008 at 17:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

CHITTHI AAYI HAI. Did you see the film `Naam' starring Sanjay Dutt before putting this news on blog, Pen Princks.

19 April 2008 at 17:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Act" as a spy? how can you act...... "as a spy"!

19 April 2008 at 21:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strange that the Grandmaster Prick Ashley would want to push in a post in Penpricks with his official title rather than the usual 'PP'.

Sorry, Ash, we have just cracked the thrASH in 'Da Rosario Code'. Your 'Maya' will not save you from plunging down the gorge, or is it 'Jorge' or 'George'?


How come you are asking Chief Prick to shed the annonymity of his contributors when you yourself are annonymous?

Ashley do Rosario
Deputy News Editor

20 April 2008 at 12:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well penpricks, you were cautioned that the Rajan P. Parrikar link was risky.

Now the pic is no longer visible.

What can I say, but, "told you so"!!!

30 April 2008 at 19:33  

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