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Hi guys, here's a brilliantly crafted piece sent to us by one of our readers. There's a take by Caje on TOI Goa below it. If PP readers have more to say, send your stuff to

Too Good to be in Goa.
For starters, TOI's Goa edition which's been hovering along for a long time made an unimpressive landing. For a paper with national credentials to boot,its frontpage fare in terms of content left much to be expected.Except for a taboo subject story, the TOI dished out aperitif that was rather drab. There was nothing besides, that could be termed exclusive or investigative for a paper of calibre. The broadsheet seemed to be starving of local coverage which constitutes it main course since it calls itself the Goa edition. The inside pages had pay parking and mega projects reports which were rehashed pieces sprinkled with a few routine droppings that any journalist could cover. The only refreshments after a bad aftertaste were Joaquim Fernandes' piece on power consumer bills and Paul Fernandes'take on fallow lands.There a dearth of hard-hitting stuff, the kind that has tongues wagging and the gossip mills churning.You call features great stories Mr Cajetan Vaz? I think you have your eyes on the ground. Moreover, like the Navhind Times and Herald, TOI Goa seems to be following the same trend of relying on political patronage to stay afloat. Digambar Kamat has been comfortably ensconced in a sofa ostensbily browsing a Times copy (as if the bloke will dare read the GT when in the Miramar office) and spewing his usual political rhetoric to Alexandre Barbosa on how he really cares for the common man and the development of the State. How come Raju Nayak, the metro editor didn't give his former political rival some laxative to defecate his concerned for the aam admi rot and corner him on a host of issues? For all of Rajib Borah's terms of endearment about owing Goans a debt of gratitude, the paper, missed a local editorial.So much for Goa "not being too far from our consciousness" Maybe it was too good to be in GOa. That good, the essentials were forgotten. Nevertheless Borah's writing compared to Arun Sinha's lamentations is a much superior appeal and appease literary effort. Just as an aside,how could the Times Property show organisers allow Borah to write stuff like "This robust vigilantism is also at evidence in the grassroots movement to protect the rich red earth from the mindless bulldozer."And hey! did you notice the world's largest English newspaper even has its own cheerleaders. Eight of them displaying Goa Times on their bare backs in its Goa Times supplement? Gosh! I am sick of this Goa is beautiful rhetoric. As a Goan, I need not be reminded with monotonous cliches like these. Isn't the Times of India Goa edition to be read predominantly by Goans or is the converse true--that Goa is being projected to the outsiders as a hop and stop destination? Which Goan isn't aware of overcrowded buses and tourists ogling scantily clad firangi girls a la Marcellus Baptista? Ill sure need to take an afternoon siesta if the Goa Times carries on its Goa is Paradise, it's a good place for a tan rant. Sure, its a good place to burn your butt too if your not aware of what's going on. It's a newspaper job to wipe the dirt behind the gloss not indulge in sycophancy,official or unofficial even in its magazine sections.Although the Goa edition premiere has gone slightly off pitch. considering the hype about a national daily making its debut , be assured the paper is worth a buy. I would recommend that every Goan household subscribe to it. Not just for its advertisements and its eye-catching graphics but for much more. For the way it analyses issues while other newspapers don't go beyond mere narrative. However it's a gross misconception to treat the Times like a cynosure and ignore the other local newspapers. Each newspaper despite its drawbacks covers territory that the others don't or cannot. For instance editions that are saddled with advertisements upto page 3 are bound to trim their regional ware. So you could miss out on something really exclusive. It may have been a staccato start but it need not be jerky run. The running's just begun and more national dailies will be chipping in. The more, the merrier the competition.One last thing, for your own sake please don't heed NT editor Arun Sinha's advice to "Feel a Goan." You could be arrested for molestation .

My subscriber copy is yet to reach me despite informing my newsagent. The subscriber helpline of TOI could not be accessed. But I read the e-paper. And TOI goa edition has my vote as a superior offering. Great stories, except in the business section and sport (need more local fare). Missed a local editorial too. The advt for TOI goa edition displays poor copy with errors and typos. NT today looked smart but was a far second. Good attempt though. Herald has its nose in the ground. GT was average. TOI's classifieds hold promise. Hope they will maintain the standard they've set on day one! Cajetan Vaz

I wish to bring to your notice that Mr P. Naik, newsagent in my area (Porvorim, behind Holy Family School) delivered my first copy of TOI Goa edition today and demanded that I pay Rs 50/- (Rupees Fifty only) per month as his delivery charges.
This is unacceptable and I request you to please sort the matter to ensure that I get my subscriber copy from a newsagent who you have commissioned at no extra cost beyond the subscription fee already paid.

Don't the newsagents already get a commission?
My Order No. is GAB0020025

Paid on 28/02008 RRE
Name: Prathamesh NaikRRE Code: CR 0131
Mr Cajetan J. VazA8, Devashri Bhavan, Behind Holy Family School, Porvorim Goa 403501Mobile: 9822131277


Blogger Caje said...

Great review of TOI's entry by the anonymous reader.
Many thanks for complimenting me for having my eyes on the ground, rather than meowing at the sky.
I agree with the anonymous reader that each publication will offer its own unique differentiation. They all have their strengths and but together with TOI it means a great bouquet for us readers. It's not "either/or" but "and". We'll buy and read all.
It is however unbecoming of the CM to pose endorsing TOI, but then if small shop owners can get him to cut ribbons why not a newspaper?

Cajetan Vaz

8 May 2008 at 15:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel TOI has to get new breed of reporters who are real type of reporters who will go to any extent to bring out the truth. Goan reporters are submissive under police and political pressure.Fit to report if a cow died on the highway. If a nebors dog is dead and that too with so many faults.....

9 May 2008 at 03:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem with us gullible Goans is we fall for any well-packaged trash that is thrown at us by outsiders.The ToI has come on a mission to sell prime Goan land. It care two hoots about any Goans.

10 May 2008 at 01:50  

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