Friday, 25 May 2007


This is what happens when you own a newspaper. You want to be on it. Each opportunity you get. Giving away keys, lighting lamps, molesting kids (no you dont get your mugshot on it then, cause you leave it behind at the police station) giving away vouchers, giving away cheques. Look at this here. Some bloke has won a bike and look at the amount of heads the photographer Dinesh Sakhalkar has managed to squeeze in. Seven including the winner. Who are the familiar faces here? The bald patch reaching out the most is the deputy general manager Navhind Times Vijay Kalangutkar (chances are he has bulldozed a sub editor into publishing this one). The one on his right with the moustache with the spectacles is the general manager Navhind Times Pramod Revankar. And by the looks of it, the guy on the extreme left... The guy with the black shirt and the extremely threatened look on his face looks like the winner. He's merely won, but the others need the need the warmth of camera's flash-gun.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that kalangutkar comes down to the editorial floor with the most inane photos and press notes and boss (editor) does nothing about it. nothing at all

26 May 2007 at 22:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can he?
The man who pays the piper plays the tune, remember?
Anyways, In any case, Sinha is afraid of thse guys who have 'close links' with BABA Dempo and could rat on his 'non-cooperation.'

28 May 2007 at 11:59  

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