Friday, 25 May 2007


So how far will we go? How far will the media go to profit from these elections.
Having run shrill campaigns and aggressive posturing on probity in public life, 'surveys on dishonest MLAs' and indulging in other moral orgies, Herald probably needs to be told that one can only be as clean as an itch in your crotch can allow you.
Herald is indulging in clearly unethical practice by upgrading political advertorial underwear to the status of an editorial garment (read the post below this). It's consciously misleading its readers and clearly violating the Code of Conduct enforced by the Election commission banning direct advertising in newspapers.
Its shameful. Passing off advertisements as editorial content.
Friends in the Herald's advertising section tell us, that the Joaquim Alemao eulogy was actually slotted as a 10" by 7" ad valued at around 13,000 bucks. And with fictitious bylines to boot.
Its still understandable for the advertising aides to push such a proposal to newspaper owners, but does an editor who's moral outpourings rival only those of the equally dubious Rajan Narayan, have to agree to this shit being published?
Amitabh Shetty, Peter Noronha? Wonder whats the next byline going to be Anthony Gonsalves?
Can someone complain to the Election Commission about this hanky panky?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on journos we need to do something about this... We cant just take it lying down... Pricks what should be done????

25 May 2007 at 02:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After Taxi Press, it is the limousine press now!!!!

Dear pal, editors cannot really do anything about this. They are a legal necessity enforced by the PIB Act.

Anyway the present incumbent editing the Herald has a reputation for carrying a rate card for writing/killing stories in his earlier avatars in national newspapers.

Even there the glorified lalas who own the rags caught on late. Only here ol' Raul must have had to do some learning from his own employee!

25 May 2007 at 10:31  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

Well written sir, very well written.. . hey do you know if he offers a discount in his rate card, for every spelling error in his stories?
Hey write more often

27 May 2007 at 23:06  

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