Thursday, 3 May 2007


Two of the most bizzare edits to have appeared in the Herald in the recent past. One understands the need to write in the sort of language, that people understand. But these edits (borrowed from the web edition of the newspaper -- have the potential to curdle your cup of tea in the morning. Read them at your own risk every morning, Remo's advice irrespective ;) -- CHECK ITALICS

Action not words

Now comes a very interesting question. All of a sudden, a large number of well meaning organizations have sprung up all professing their love for the state and their desire to cleanse the system of corrupt politicians.

Commendable and what is even more commendable is the advice that they are dishing out to everyone – not to vote communal faces in, rid Goa of corrupt faces and the usual advice that is dished out by well meaning people prior to any election. There is no denying that these people mean well and want to see Goa vote in a fresh lot of faces that will make a difference to Goa.
But the question is “who are the recommending.’’ This is a crucial question no one wants to answer. It is very nice to give advice, raise the banner of revolt and say do this and do that, but then who will lead the charge of the new Goa brigade. Everyone sadly is washing their hands of taking charge. Everyone is saying “we are only here to give advice.’ That’s nice but just as the electorate are fed up with the words of the old lot and want some action, surely these groups can stop dispensing words and show some action by standing. (note: Can u guys make sense of this edit??? Can anyone... pls do write back.AND PRAY HOW CAN ONE "SHOW SOME ACTION BY STANDING?")

Be calm

Is the Code of Conduct being strictly enforce in Goa? Appears doubtful considering the increasing number of cases of poll violence that are being reported from various parts of Goa.

With desperation settling in on the candidates and with people’s disgust increasing with many candidates, it appears that these levels of violence will increase in the days to come. So far Goa is only witnessing damage of banners and cut outs but as the day’s increase who knows what next will happen. And this does not bode well for Goa.
This is where local self civic bodies are needed to ensure that the peace and tranquility of the state is maintained. Goa is already sitting on a volatile situation with all the cross currents of various parties combined with that desperation by many MLA’s to come back to power. And with many outsiders determined to have a say in this election, all it needs is a spark to start a conflagration. But do we need that no. all we have to do is stay calm and vote with our heads and not with our fists.