Friday, 8 June 2007


Hi, here's what a reader sent...

Is it a mere coincidence or have the marketing managers of a certain "Largest Circulated English daily" in the state become rich overnight just after the elections that they decide to purchase a new vehicle?
Whilst earlier it was the local correspondents making the bucks, it is now the turn of advertising reps due to the new (revolutionary... no no revulsive)* media trend in this paper. Thanks to the Robinhood (of St Tome)* of the 'green bucks' who knows to kill a true journo's talent and sincerity with his 'copy-paste' skills of beauty babes and the other net stuff he downloads onto this once respectable newspaper that has been reduced to....

* penpricks note
(We shouldn't be surprised should we? This is a place gone amok. Move over you corrupt journos... This is a fresh set of teeth you have to stave off your meat)


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