Saturday, 2 June 2007


Hi, doesn’t this sound weird?
A newspaper that claims to be the ‘most credible business daily’ in the country plagiarises a piece on polls in an Indian state, from a Korean newspaper!!!

‘Business Standard’ (BS) whose advertising campaign in the recent past boasted of thorough editorial processes and exhaustive fact checking appears to have gone a bit slack here.

BS’s story (1/6/2007) on Goa polls written by its local correspondent Mayuresh Pawar titled ‘Goa politics, a family affair’ has been largely plagiarised from a story which had earlier been published in’ -- a Korean online newspaper.

The story dated 29/5/07 titled ‘Politics Divides Families in Goa’ was written by a Jenny Coutinho.
The pink paper had better blush red if and when they come across this... and take some sort of corrective action.

P.S. Sorry guys, this entry was to be uploaded today evening, but the polling had us running around a bit. Pardon the delay. You will find both the reports in the posting below. The parts in bold text are the plagiarised portions. Do send us your comments.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

does this guy know to read korean?

4 June 2007 at 19:43  

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