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OK here’s masterpiece. The writer Walter D’Souza needs a couple of sessions with Margaret Mascarenhas (that’s after we are done with our tutorials)… Obviously sub editors need not be blamed for this, for they don’t edit ads anyway. And poor Luiz from the advertising section is in the midst of another dozen loves to find time for such corrections.

Pandurang Madkaikar riding high on the road to success

By Walter D’Sousa: An able Candidate, A person proving his name PANDURANG by helping his voters and citizens of constituency who is affectionately called as “BHAU” by his voters. (This looks as if the writer was advised by a sub called Joseph Deva at the Herald, whose greatest passion has always been grammatical convolution)
His words are ‘‘I am here to do total development of Cumbharjua’’ (Ominous na, almost like saying… ‘I am going to do you baby’)
Any person in his constituency can meet him directly for any of their works regarding services or development or any work. (Ya… why not no one needs the panchayats anyway…) He has initiated the Navchaitanya trust for assisting and helping needy students in terms of books, medicines, uniforms or even people who require house repairs.
Old Goa Credit Society and Khorlim V.K.S. society was established considering the fact that low income group people cannot get loans from Nationalized banks. Through these society it became easy for them to get loans for house construction, purchasing vehicles and also other personal loans.
Shri Pandurang ('Shri' Pandurang is a first I think in all these ads which have been published) has also taken efforts to increase the amount of Dayanand social security schemes from Rs.500 to 1000.
As an able transport Minister he made efforts to give better services to people. Computerized driving license was the crown facility (Ok, another one here… crown facility!!!) which reduced the corruption in a drastic way. Moreover website of Transport Dept. was started. Now many works of this dept. are done in the most modern way on computer. (
Shri Pandurang made Cumbharjua constituency’s development like free flowing Cumbharjua River by adopting various beneficial schemes in Cumbharjua, St. Estevam, Carambolim, Corlim, Old Goa, Goltinavelim, St.Matias, Malar, Chodan Panchayat area and approximately Rs. 80 crores has been spent on many works in Cumbharjua Constituency. Shri Madkaikar brought maximum govt. fund for his constituency, and he became “Bhau” a real brother helping everybody. (Oh baby. Here comes the Godfather of Cumbharjua)
Cumbharjua a remote area comprising of two islands and eight village panchayats, grown like a wild growth due to its natural setting. (We have a feeling this piece has been translated from a vernacular original. ‘Grown like wld growth due to its natural setting’). This able candidate assures to complete the roads and other such communication facilities in the coming 5 years to make this constituency as a Crown of Goa. (knock the bottles and keep the Crown. Here’s to another crown) He has very jovial relationship with senior leaders of the party and also with the officers of Govt. which makes his aspirations of development of this area to realize. (This sounds like another Joseph. Surely it’s not him? ‘Jovial relationship’ ‘development of this area to realise’? ) His systematic working and attitude has made the difference and this all will definitely make him win the election with your assured support. (This is a piece done in a hurry… Here’s the jagged edge of discernable campaign propoganda ‘with your assured support’)

Major Works Carried Out In His Constituency

l Constructed Water Tank with new pipeline
l Built Number of Ganpati Visarjan Platforms
l Construction of widening and hot mixing of road
l Crematorium road at Deugi
l Street Lights from Saude to Tikazana Bridge
l Installation of Transformers
l Ferry Service Timings extended

l Underwater pipeline through Mandovi River from Old Goa Ferry to Divar (For daily water supply)
l Constructed Water Tank
l Football Ground with International Specifications at St. Mathias Village Panchayat
l Ferry Services, timings extended
l Completed almost all the internal roads

l Football playground under construction
l Gymnasium under construction
l Hot-mixing of roads from Old Goa to Gaundalim
l Constructed Culvert and De-silting of Nalla
l Constructed Old Goa Residency Hall
l Playground for Handicapped Centre

l Constructed Gymnasium
l Hot-Mixing of roads
l Retaining wall at Golwaddo
l Constructed Ganapathi Visarjan Platforms
l Land acquisition for playgrounds is under process

l Constructed community Hall, Dhulapi
l Widening and hot-mixing of roads
l Land acquisition for Sports Complex under process
l Construction of retaining wall at Polvaddo
l Set up drainage at Belavista
l Completed almost all the internal roads

l Constructed Water Tank
l Built Nalla
l Set up Sports Complex
l Panchayat Ghar & Gymnasium under construction
l Retaining wall from Panch Manos to Kalpora
l Constructed fish market.

l Constructed Akhada Bridge
l Completed hot mixing of roads
l Sports Complex Project under construction
l Village Panchayat Ghar under construction
l Building of Primary School at Akhada completed
Projects on the verge of completion in Cumbharjua constituency.
l Cumbharjua – Gavandalim Bridge
l Chorao – Salvador de Mund Bridge
l Hotmixing of road from St. Pedro to Divar
l Hotmixing of road from Old Goa Ferry Divar to Ternave Ferry Diwar.
l Indoor Basket Ball Court of Piedade Youth Association.
l Multipurpose Community Hall at St. Matias
l Anti sea erosion wall at Pornem Tirtha, Naroa, St. Mathias, Divar.
l Land acquisition for Dhadeshwar Temple road under progressive process, St, Mathias, Divar.
l Construction of Gymnasium at Goltim-Navelim, Divar.
l Construction of Multipurpose Sports Complex at Corlim.
Construction of retaining wall at shree Satyanarayan Temple, Akhada.

An Eye on the Future of his forthcoming Projects.
l Construction of Divar Bridge
l Recreation and children’s Park in all villages
l Football Academy at Divar
l Development of Carambolim Lake
l Construction of Market Complex at Old Goa.
l Construction of Primary Health centre at St. Estevam
l· Construction of children’s Park and recreation centre at St. Estevam.
l Sports Complex at Chorao.
l I.T. Park at Chorao.
l Multipurpose Sports Complex (Land acquisition completed) at Corlim
l Construction of football ground (Law acquisition in process) at Cumbharjua.
l Construction of Fish Market at Cumbharjua
l Construction of water tank at Cumbharjua
l Health centre with full time residential doctors at Chorao, Divar and St.Estevam.

The Present condition of Chorao Bridge: GSIDC has given approval for this bridge and has appointed consultant for land testing. Most of the no objection certificates are received. With this bridge communication will be initiated from Madel to Salvador-de-Mundo, Brittona.
Whatever his opponents may say, if you tour Cumbharjua Constituency you can see for yourself 99% development taken place except for a few which is pending due to unavoidable circumstances.
Retain your faith in him since he deserves your support. (He sure deserves this writer)


Blogger lee said...

Dear pinprick blogger,

Thank you for your comments on my passion for “grammatical convulsion.”

You have an amazing capacity for twisting facts.

I do have a passion for grammar but definitively not for “grammatical convulsion.”

You appear to have an ax to grind against me!

Why did you stop with my passion for “grammatical convulsion?” Why not speak about my passion for hermeneutics (of course you don’t know what it is) and logic (I believe logic is Greek to you).

Don’t you know that I often speak about grammar, hermeneutics and logic?

Stop being a ‘being in itself’ and try to become a ‘being for itself.’

4 June 2007 at 19:24  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

Hahahah... thanks exactly sounds like Jo from the herald...

4 June 2007 at 19:58  
Blogger lee said...

Your “Hahahah... thanks exactly sounds like Jo from the herald...” doesn’t say anything. You should explain how it “exactly sounds like Jo from the herald...?”

How many of my reports have you read? Can you site a single report to support your claim?

If you cannot, you should tender a sincere apology.

4 June 2007 at 20:14  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

No question of an apology. There's nothing libelous in the post.

4 June 2007 at 21:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Probably you don’t understand the scope of the word ‘libel.’ Do you?

I suspect that you are somebody known to me -- probably were my colleague at herald. Therefore, I don’t like to use harsh words.

4 June 2007 at 21:39  

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