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This piece in which appeared in The Navhind Times (May 29) is a classic Umesh Mahambrey in almost every sense. Tireless use of the article ‘THE’, endless spelling mistakes... such remarkable resemblance to the deceased reporter's copies. On a more serious note. It’s really strange how this copy passed QC. Wonder who cleared this copy? Anyone knows? Oh btw, we received a stern mail from a Margaret Mascarenhas pointing out to spelling errors on this
blog too. And we’ve apologised.
No excuses, but we work this blog after our respective shifts at work. And there's no sub here to prick our copies, nor an editor to prick our souls.

Goa lacking behind in all fields: Gowda

NT News Service
Vasco, May 29 The former prime minister and Janata Dal (Secular)president, Mr H D Deve Gowda today charged the United Progressive Alliance and National Democratic Alliance governments at the Centre for their failure in building up the Goan economy and questioned whether both these governments had taken any major steps to eradicate the problems faced by Goan’s.
He said that the state is lacking behind in all the fields and JD(S) is the only party capable of solving the problems of the people. He also opposed the Regional Plan-2011 and further said that the plan needs to be modified.He was addressing a public meeting held opposite the MMC building.
Mr Gowda also raised doubts about the achievements of BJP and Congress in the centre and the state and further said that the whole policy adopted by both the national parties needs to be reversed.
Mr Gowda opined that there is a wide scope for the tourism in Goa. He also said that the Goa could be one of the world’s most attractive tourist spots, if it is promoted properly.
Mr Gowda also said that he is not interested in rising the Goan’s and non-Goan’s issue however he opined that the ‘Kannadigas’ are doing a lot to build up the Goan economy and every Goan’s should respect them and not discriminate against them.
He appealed to the people of Goa to vote for JDSfor clean and stable government.
The JD (S), general secretary and spokesperson, Mr Kunwar Danish Ali said that the port town of Vasco is a real India and a symbol of unity in diversity. He said that JD (S) is always fighting for the rights and justice of the downtrodden people in the society.
The JD(S), women’s wing president, Ms Philomena Pares while addressing the gathering said that JD (S) will create a new wave in Goa and would fight against corruption and called on the people to cast their vote for change in Goa.
The JD (S), Vasco candidate, Mr Carlos Almeida criticized Mr Rajendra Arlekar of BJP and Mr Jose Philip D’Souza of NCP for failing to solve the problems of the people of Vasco. The JD (S), Mormugao candidate, Mr Siddanna Meti and others spoke on te occasion.

(You may not have noticed, but the word THE has been written 37 times in this short report and when it comes to bum-kissers – what are bum kissers? E.g. ‘modified.He’ words so stuck to each other, they wouldn't even allow air to pass through between them – there are as many as 5 bum-kissers here. What was the sub doing here? And can you guys count the number of errors you see in this report and tell us the exact number? )


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why Sunil Naik?

30 May 2007 at 16:01  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

Speak to the Sunil Naik and you will soon the figure out? Pls do the that will ya

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