Monday, 28 May 2007


Hi, here's what a reader just sent in... Keep the vigil up and send us more observations to keep the blog going... Thanks a ton. Can someone reproduce both the interviews to be put up on the blog?

The Save Goa Front (SGF) president Churchill interview that appeared in the HERALD on 20 MAY on page 2 was borrowed from the Navhind Times coastal correspondent, a reliable source in the NT informs. It even contradicted its earlier statement on the number of seats the SGF party was contesting that it had mentioned in the earlier third para. While earlier the same 'fictitious' writer wrote that the party has fielded 18 candidates in the forthcoming assembly polls, it later quotes Churchill as saying; 'the party intends to contest 30 seats and win from 20-25 seats.' Now someone please explain how is it possible to win from a minimum 20 seats when one is contesting from 18 constituencies. This one really takes the cake for being poorly edited by the one on the desk responsible for inserting this copy in the paper. But this is to be expected from an editor who is well known for plagiarising his editorials as pointed out by one of his former staffers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A coastal correspondent?? Navhind has a coastal correspondent? What next a hinterland correspondent? A riviera correspondent?

28 May 2007 at 20:30  

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