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Here's another eulogy masquerading as a report published in the Herald praising Luizinho this time. Stuff like this would even put the mega treatise by Luizinho about himself 'My Goa' (shadow written by Mario Cabral). There's another one coming up soon. Filipe Neri is the knight in armor this time.

Navelim blossomed under Luizinho

By Ajay Dessai
In a recent scientific study conducted by the Abbe Faria Post Graduate Department of Psychology, Mapusa, it was found that Navelim constituency is the ‘best nurtured’ and ‘best developed’ constituency in Goa, enjoying the highest quality of life in the State over a sustained period of 15 years. (this one is novel. So novel, that this PR writer deserves a medal)
It also has the most number of Panchayats. Indicating that much care and attention has been imparted at the grass-roots level itself.
In attaining this high quality of life, the spread of education has played a decisive role. To quote the report: “Among all the Ministries of the present Government of Goa, no Ministry has been so active in the enrichment of the quality of life of the people of Goa as the Ministry of Education”. (Hey, isnt this just like the dictation Luizinho shoves on to you at press conferences, where no journo dares interrupt him. One interruption could mean Luizinho complaining to you editor about your credibility)
The report makes this telling conclusion “This constituency and this ministry are presented as models to all the Legislators and Ministers for replication”.(No, no, not another Luizinho!!!)
This high praise, coming as it does from an independent source, must be sweet music to the Education Minister and MLA of Navelim constituency, Luizinho Faleiro. And since the quality of life parameters include ‘physical environment, health, education, transport and leisure activities’, Faleiro should be doubly pleased with the all-round development of his
For nearly three decades Faleiro has been the direct instrument of change in this now booming constituency of Navelim. (A corkscrew is also an instrument isnt it?) Through his efforts and initiative, it has been transformed into a dynamic hub of trade, commerce and culture with wide, spacious, brightly illuminated roads, new bridges, augmented power and water supply, beautified landmarks, well-equipped gyms, and verdant parks.
Much of the success is due to the easy accessibility of Faleiro to his constituents and his even-handed approach to all of them, cutting across lines of class, caste and community. On the larger front, it was with the support of the people that Faleiro piloted the Goa, Daman and Diu Official Language Bill in 1985 which culminated in Konkani being made the sole official language of Goa. It was his resolution passed unanimously in the Goa Legislative Assembly that was responsible for conferring Statehood to Goa. (Debatable? But thats alright, when you pay for an 'article' to be published, no one questions asked... Just make sure the envelope is stuffed)
Given the debate and controversy surrounding the airport issue in Goa, it is pertinent to note that it was during Faleiro’s tenure as Chief Minister in 1998-99 that he took up the issue with the then Defence Minister George Fernandes to upgrade Dabolim Airport from its domestic status to that of India’s 13th International Airport. Faleiro’s initiative eventually culminated in the broadening of the runway, additional air traffic controllers, night landing system to make the airport operational 24 hours, and the transfer of additional land from the Defence Ministry to the Civil Aviation Ministry. It is a most curious fact that in the Assembly session of April 3, 2000, Churchill Alemao, in a congratulatory motion, supported and seconded the cause of Mopa airport along with Dabolim.
He has kept the Congress flag flying even in the party’s worst phase when defections and counter-defections were rampant. When it fell to its nadir with just 5 MLAs, it was Faleiro who stood firm and became the rallying factor as the President of the Party to pull the Congress out of trouble. With the welfare of Goans always in mind, as Industries Minister he has restored his earlier policy of 80 per cent reservation of jobs for Goans.
Performance, transparency and accountability have been his mantra while developing his constituency of Navelim. He appeals to the electorate of Navelim Constituency to repose their faith in him so that he can continue with the good work already begun.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In general, Herald has become a bit of a joke. To take just one example, the editorials should at least be spellchecked. Forget copy-editing -- that's far too profound a leap for the editor to think of getting done, but one does expect basic spelling and grammar to be more or less okay. Tsk, tsk!

And the op-eds. Are there only two writers on this world, Joe D and Zuzarte? Both unreadable. Maybe they make sense, have never been able to progress beyond two paras. to find out.

Etc. Let me know if you want more detailed analysis of growing illiteracy within the portals of the Herald, particularly in the editorial chamber.

In this situation, what choice is left to become a PR agency that writes puff pieces without mentioning that it is advertising? I suppose it is unaccounted for payment, no tax to be paid.

Oh, for the good old days when journos were able to make a honest living producing good newspapers....

27 May 2007 at 18:52  
Anonymous TheWiseOne said...

Why only Herald - the entire media in Goa is a third-rate joke. Arun Sinha, Rajan Narayan, Robin Abreu - all probably SSC-pass on the third attempt, the way they write.

27 May 2007 at 22:23  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

Anon... write on. Please do. We would really appreciate it. The more the merrier. Someone needs to review the Goan media. We need to talk about it on a public forum. Whether we lend names to opinions or not irrespective, legit points need to be made. Space selling!!! in such a manner needs to be talked about, at least...

27 May 2007 at 22:48  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

Hey wise one. Send in inputs man... we would really like it. You could send them in as comments or write to us at
No special grudge against the Herald... but they seem to be the flavor of the season man.
Passing SSC on third attempt... hmm think you should include Arun Sinha out of this. At times, his writing is pretty good...

27 May 2007 at 22:51  

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