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This is the worst yet? This is supposed to be a news report? Selling this stuff off as news is being treacherous to the readers of Herald. Things were already bad with guys like Congress fixer Milan Burman calling the shots in newspaper offices, but when editors and the managements stoop to these levels!!! Guys something more must be done about this (whether in the Herald or anywhere else)...

Mauvin to focus on employment

By Amitabh Shetty
Panjim, May 18 — Mauvin Godinho is a man of action and a person willing to walk the talk.

He can indeed be called the modern day Midas (sure he could smell out gold buried below the Zuari) as everything he touches truly blooms.
His alma mater, MES College was recognized as one of the top institutes for curricular and extra curricular activities when he was its general secretary. As the president of Goa Pradesh Youth Congress, he achieved the impossible of making this organization more recognizable and popular than the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee.
In fact, he was the first Goan to feature on the cover of India Today, the ountry’s premier magazine, as a part of the 10-member Rajiv Gandhi brigade (would have been even easier now. All it would need maybe is a wire transfer to the good old Prabhu's acount). Cortalim assembly constituency turned out into a model constituency when he was representing it (a model of what?). Following his defeat at the last elections Mauvin had decided to take a back seat from public life and concentrate on his home and hearth. (ha ha ha. This is hilarious? Home and hearth? Wonder why the writer doesn't mention a jail cell?) However, some people do not have the luxury of deciding their lives as the community thrusts responsibilities upon them. (Man, when you have an entire community thrusting on you... :)) Mauvin is one such person as the people of Cortalim constituency finding that their current MLA was not accessible to them, compelled Mauvin to get back into public life and take up their issues.
Public memory, it is said is short. Therefore, it would be relevant to highlight some of Mauvin’s achievements as MLA and minister. During his tenure as MLA of Cortalim constituency, it was said that darkness never descended on the constituency as every nook and corner was well lit. (hey Amitabh Shetty, do you write film scripts too... Say Sholay? Hey remember this guy came up to inspect a huge mess of electricity cables outside the Herald office. Hey inspected them with Deadrie, Raul's wife. Why are we telling you this? Mauvin's gone, Deadrie's gone too... The wire's remain)
Travelling through the constituency was a pleasure not only because of the heritage houses, but because the roads were well maintained. Water supply was never a problem for the constituents as the pipelines were constantly upgraded to keep up with the demand. That today every panchayat in the constituency has its own panchayat ghar is testimony to Mauvin’s commitment to rural development and empowerment of the people.
Zuarinagar, which was considered to be the slum of the constituency did get the necessary attention it required. (Thats where the votes are arent they?) When he was the Revenue Minister, Mauvin made sure that the proposed four-lane highway from Verna to Vasco was re-aligned to protect the many houses and small business establishments from Zuarinagar that would have been demolished for this highway. Thus, he enabled the residents of Zuarinagar to live their lives with dignity.
As sanitation was a major issue in this area, Mauvin got the government to spend over Rs. one crore to set up four Sulabh toilet blocks in Zuarinagar. Not only did this help in improving the sanitation but also protected the womenfolk of the area from the embarrassment of using the open areas for their bodily functions. Thus, he enabled them to live with dignity. (Hear hear. Think this must be the only minister after Narvekar to take the onus of dignity of womenfolk on themselves, no?)
And when a fire destroyed some of the houses in Zuarinagar, it was Mauvin who rushed there to give his helping hand. Not only were the affected persons immediately given place to take shelter in but were also provided with alternate land so that they could be rehabilitated with dignity.
Gainful employment is a cherished dream of every youngster, which if not fulfilled, makes the person bitter and negative and ultimately a burden on society. That is why, throughout his career as MLA of Cortalim constituency, Mauvin always strove to ensure that the youth from his constituency were gainfully employed either in the public sector or the private sector and if
both these were not possible, then he would help them get self employed.
Thus, Mauvin functioned like a true representative of the people, making sure his electorate got what they required to make their day to day lives easy and being there for them in their times of travails and difficulties.
As an MLA, Mauvin has left an indelible mark on the State of Goa which nobody can deny. (Amen. Indelible mark. yes. yes) As the Industries Minister in early 90s, he set the ball rolling to develop the then moribund Verna Industrial Estate. Today if others boast that the Venia Industrial Estate can be compared to such establishments world over, then the credit goes to Mauvin as before he became the Industries Minister, Verna Industrial estate was all set to become like any other industrial estates in Goa.
As Power Minister it was Mauvin who brought in the first and only Independent Power Producer in Goa thereby giving much relief not only to the industrial sector but even the domestic consumers as Goa then was facing a sever power crises which would have only increased if we had to solely rely upon the power allotted by National Thermal Power Corporation, the Independent Power Producer is today catering to most of the requirement of the industrial sector where quality power is of essence and the NTPC’s power can thus be supplied to the domestic consumers without any power cuts.
Besides, today the Electricity Department boasts of being the only Government department making profits. Well, the foundation for that was laid by Mauvin and the entire State is today eating the fruits of the saplings he had planted then. (Traces of a film script writer again) With all these achievements, it was but natural that others would feel insecure and start targeting Mauvin and that is what happened. Following a vitriolic campaign accusing him of fraud and corruption the BJP government filed cases against him.
However, two of these cases were thrown out by the High Court following arguments before admission thereby making it crystal clear that these cases could not be admitted because there was no substance in them. There is no doubt that the other case that is being argued before admission will also follow suit. Goebell believed that repeating a lie over and over would make
believe it to be true. And though that did seem to work in Mauvin ‘s case for some time, ultimately truth prevailed and the lies were nailed.
Following persistent demands from the electorate, Mauvin is back in public life and once again he has shown is caliber. (prohibited bore, surely ;) )As General Secretary of Goa Pradesh Congress Committee he strove to make that organization vibrant and alive to the aspirations and hopes of the masses and that this is happening is visible.
When the residents of Cansaulim were faced with water shortage, he made alternate arrangements to tide over the crises. When the toilets blocks in Zuarinagar were in unusable condition because of nonpayment of water and electricity bills, he ensured that they were cleaned and available for the people to use. As the youth of Quelossim were getting agitated over the playground for them, he intervened to solve the problem.
There are many other things that Mauvin has done which the MLA ought to have done. But then having been a MLA for so many years, he feels it is his moral obligation to fulfill his electorate’s wishes and dreams. Today Mauvin is all set to take on the mantle of being the MLA from Cortalim constituency once again.
And there is no doubt that the electorate of the is truly behind him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do these issues fall in the realm of CONSUMER RIGHTS? Herald is actually cheating its readers is it not? Misleading them? Could someone ask Roland to pursue the matter? Or will someone please complain to the Press Council or the Election Commission please?

27 May 2007 at 01:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, Hats off to Robin Abreu, the editor of HERALD for his ability to coin some very convincing names of writers that have not been employed by the paper in whatever capacity.
Maybe someone should recommend his name to be employed as an assitant to those entrusted with the task of the electoral rolls, probably former chief minister Manohar Parrikar since he could add a lot of fictitious names as bonafide 'voters.' Or maybe teh Congress party But I doubt if it could afford to pay Robin his charges for the said job.

28 May 2007 at 11:54  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

Hey anon, good one... Think Amitabh Shetty takes the cake. When Amitabh was at his prime, he would always be challenged by the villianous bald-headed Shetty... u guys remember?

28 May 2007 at 18:09  

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