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This time we have a Leslie St. Anne who is all praise for Filipe Neri Roderigues from Velim...
The only Leslie St Anne the web throws up is some former deputy sarpanch of Velim panchayat... A freelance writer perhaps :)

By Leslie St. Anne
If performance, perseverance and practical thinking blended with a streak of humility are the hallmarks of a good leader, then Filipe Neri Rodrigues who seeks another term as Member of the Legislative Assembly from Velim constituency certainly fits the Bill. (A pretty long-winded bill. Wonder how much Herald billed this guy?) And if one’s face is an index of the mind, then, the, by now, familiar countenance of Filipe Neri reflects an aura of ‘trust’ and reliability. (Surely not a face that launched a thousand ships... but a face that has flipped parties several times).
In a chequered political career that took root in 1999, Filipe Neri has proved a dynamic go-getter, a man motivated by intellectual concepts and an inherent passion to fulfill the aspirations of the people. The tremendous infra-structural development that has transformed the Constituency of Velim into a better and improved living habitat for its citizens is mute
testimony of Neri’s dogged dedication to match words with deeds! (Does he speak... how many of you recall this guy talking?)
Born into a humble family, at Sirlim, Filipe Neri Rodrigues has had a bitter-sweet childhood. He has known hunger and deprivation. This experience has stood him in good stead in understanding the needs of the underprivileged and poorer masses in his Constituency. Endowed with an indomitable spirit and through sheer hard work and dedication, young Filipe, perused with his studies and procured a professional diploma in Civil Engineering.
This academic qualification opened the doors to a career with the Public Works Department (PWD). As a PWD Engineer, Neri gained popularity for ensuring that development schemes of the then MLAs in his constituency were carried out promptly. He quit the PWD for a private career as a builder, but later realised that his calling lay in social-work and a quest for
improving the lot of his fellow men — especially those who were needy — like he (Filipe) once was. (A young Robin hood here. Hey sorry, its Robinhood. The words ROBIN & HOOD need to stick together to make perfect sense)
Recognising the tremendous potential in the young engineer, Filipe’s friends and supporters, urged him to contest the assembly polls in the early ‘nineties’. This proved a baptism of fire. He lost. But the defeat did not quell his zeal. He resolutely continued his selfless community work. And in 1999, when he once again contested the polls from Velim constituency he was elected on a thumping majority! (For Mauvin the constituency appeared to thrust itself, for Filipe Neri it seems to thump).
As Velim MLA, Filipe Neri has proved the constituency’s saviour. His detractors may have been wearing ‘blinkers’ not to perceive the development revolution that has undertaken Velim since Neri took over as MLA. With painstaking and futuristic planning, Neri has set-about the ‘transformation’ of his constituency by toning up the infrastructure — such as introducing
wider hot-mix roads, augmenting of water and electricity supply, improved drainage, better irrigation facilities, setting up of new faster telephone exchanges, building sports grounds, community halls, market complexes, beautification of religious and other important places etc. The list goes on. (Hey remember, all this done SELFLESSLY ;))
And bringing about such development was no cakewalk. The youthful MLA showed his prowess as a diplomat and skilful negotiator in convincing sometimes difficult landowners to sacrifice portions of their land to the cause of progress.
Says Neri, “In this age of rising expectations the people expect much from their MLA. There is nothing wrong with that. As an MLA I have put my best efforts for the development of my Constituency and its people. With experience comes perfection. So is the case with me. As an MLA and later Minister, I am now even more aware than before of the need to honour the trust that people have placed in me. During my tenure I have taken up several projects. These projects have all met the approval of the people. Trust me; I shall not take up any project without first consulting my constituents. In this way there can never be a people’s movement against any project as seen in other parts of Goa. However, there has not been enough time to take up all development projects that I have dreamt about. If re-elected I shall endeavour to complete pending works so as Velim constituency shall stand out as a model example in the State of Goa.” (All this in one breath we are sure, while the non existent reporter scribbling ferociously).
Easily accessible to all and sundry, Filipe Neri has initiated government schemes that have been for long in cold–storage much to the delight of the aged and needy of Velim constituency. His dedication to humane causes was evident – in his quick reaction to offer help and consolation to the flash flood victims of Ambelim and the bus mishap just outside Goa. Evidence of Filipe’s compassionate side came to fore when even in the heat of his current election campaign Neri made time to listen and help a needy old woman from Chinchinim who pleaded for monetary aid to repair her ‘roof’ before the monsoons. (See see...Robin hood commits a code of conduct violation. Hey Herald, if you guys are so keen on selling space, atleast do it right)
On the political front Neri has shown that he too has apprehensions over Mopa Airport and a 6-lane Expressway which could directly or indirectly affect his constituents. Neri has gone on record stating “that the voice of protest raised by the ‘Dabolim Action Committee’ has ensured that the Airport project be kept on hold”. As for the Expressway, Neri has endorsed the view, ‘that the protest raised by the people of Chinchinim, Dessua, and Assolna over the highway alignment was justified!
Neri’s practical, mature and professional result orientated style of functioning has not been lost on his cabinet colleagues.
He has held portfolios of rural development, tourism, water resources, weights and measures and legal meteorology as well as the post of Dy Chief Minister.
Given Neri’s proven record it’s hardly likely that Velim constituency shall vote for a change. As one of his supporters, aptly puts it, “when one plants a seed and it turns into a fruit-bearing tree it makes no sense to uproot the tree”. (So this sums it up all. Neri is a seed that has grown into a huge tree, with fruits hanging!!!)


Blogger Ashwin said...

I do know a Leslie St Anne. He used to write occasionally for Gomantak Times when I was editor.

The piece is just a plug; I am not defending it. Just pointing out that Leslie St Anne is not necessarily a fake name. Unless, of course, someone else is using it to plug Neri.

- Ashwin Tombat

9 August 2007 at 16:01  

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