Wednesday, 30 May 2007


Here's another sell out. This time to Digamber Kamat. Hey this series spares none. One question for you guys to figure out and write back. Can you fellas tell why is it that Herald is soliciting itself to sitting MLAs? And the second question, who has brokered these shady deals? Please write back.

Another thing... readers tell us that we've been focussing a bit on the Herald... But there's so much shit happening there, hence the guns trained...

Digambar: The man Margao needs

By Sneha Parulekar

Digambar Kamat has truly established himself as the leader of Margao and his manifesto of ‘Amchem Madganv’ (the Digambernama) is a worthy tribute not only to the changes he has brought about in the commercial capital of the State (can someone explain why this place is called the commercial capital of Goa anyway? This weird phrase was reinforced by Rupesh Samant when he was with the Navhind Times), but also a pledge to the works he promises to undertake.
Just as Rome was not built in a day (neither was Moti Dongor), the metamorphis of Margao occurred over a period of time. But the fact remains that Margao began changing for the better only after Digambar Kamat began representing the constituency.
Today Margao can boast of many first, the foremost of which is the musical dancing fountain the only of its kind in Goa. The fountain at the Old Market traffic island is a treat to the eyes. Besides, the various traffic islands in Margao look so beautiful with the lawns and other plants and the paved footpaths truly makes it a pleasure to walk around the streets of Margao.
(Oh it doesn't stop here... it goes on)



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