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This is another sell out in the Herald. This one is fashioned out like a 'day with a candidate' report. Hey guys, suggest a move forward. Suggest a move forward. This is just going berserk. Even Gomantak Times has caught up with the trend -- whether they mentioned advertisement or not. Just look at all the gush that flows from Navelim.

Mandopa pledge support to Luizinho

Stanley D’Silva
Mandop village of the Navelim Constituency, a strong bastion of Industries and Education Minister Mr Luizinho Faleiro witnessed an unique phenomenon recently when its most popular candidate embarked on his door-to-door election campaign. (And what was it?)
Over 1500 supporters, from this beautiful and undoubtedly, an important segment of the constituency, walked with Mr Faleiro pledging him their unwavering support.
“This was very amazing as Mr Faleiro’s rival candidate, Churchill Alemao used to shout at the top of his voice that all voters in Mandop supported his candidature soon after the panchayat elections. When he came on his campaign in Mandop on Monday, a very frustrated Churchill had hardly around 15 people supporting him. This is a significant development and the support shown to our MLA Mr Faleiro clearly indicates his popularity in this village,” stated Kovington Viegas. (An MLA proves his popularity in his constituency… That’s a unique phenomenon? YAWN)
Why is Mr Faleiro showered with such tremendous support? (A five line answer followeth)
“The developmental activities including the beautification of various monuments in this area has been applauded by the constituents. They believe that it is only Mr Faleiro who can take them towards progress and work tirelessly for the betterment of the village in particular. His work for the constituency has been a continious and not just an eye-wash merely during elections. He has never believed in such tactics,” informs Flavita Fernandes.
The constituents of Mandop in particular, a elite electorate are not only loyal Congressmen but also staunch supporters of Mr Faleiro. (What’s an elite electorate?) “If we are supporting Mr Faleiro for the seventh time, it is only because we want to pay back whatever he has done for us. (Paid back what he’s paid them?) We support Mr Faleiro for being loyal to his party and his loyalty to the Navelim constituency. He has never hopped parties nor changed his constituency which goes to say a lot about his self-less approach as a legislator,” tells Julio Colaso. (Factually incorrect, this one.)
All eyes are pinned on Navelim constituency as the date of polling for the Legislative Assembly draws near. Even as electioneering experts are of the opinion that the constituency is very sensitive in terms of poll violence, and appropriate measures have been taken to avoid any untoward circumstances, the constituents display a very casual mood. A look around and one understands, despite the hovering of anti-social elements trying to create tension in the other-wise peaceful constituency, the elite constituents are very comfortable pledging support to their charismatic MLA Mr Faleiro. (Hey can anyone explain this elite constituents bit?)
“Winds are blowing in Mr Faleiro’s direction,” states Leena D’Costa. (See that. A lot of wind is headed in Luizinho’s direction. He had better be ready)
Luizinho Faleiro, the front-runner in Navelim The high ratings of Luizinho Faleiro, by readers of the esteemed Goan daily,
HERALD (this one’s classic ‘give and take’. You scratch my back and I’ll even slip it in for you. Herald praises Luizinho and he returns the compliment) ,recently, speaks volumes of his performance, not only in the Navelim constituency which he calls Jewel in Goa’s Crown, but in the entire State of Goa where he is highly honoured for his path breaking resolutions. (It carries on vulgarly... but couldn't take more of this shit)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is getting insane. Look at today's (31/5/07) papers -- three fourths of Herald's page 1 is this kind of rubbish, and so are pages 2, 4 and 5 entire. Navhind Times seems to be jumping on the bandwagon -- see the bullshit on Manohar Parrikar on page 3, on SGF on page 4, and to balance it all out, Dinar Tarcar on page 7, followed by Ravi Naik on page 9.

GT and Sunaparant are okay, lots of ads, but clearly mentioned as such, though the look is that of an article. GT has an advertising supplement of the Congress party (which hilariously has Rane senior on page 1 and his son on page 4).

What are the readers supposed to do? I for one have started reading the advertising leaflets for 'big sales' and 'tuition classes' that are inserted into the papers. They are far more interesting.

Has any party announced an unemployment dole specifically for journos. All journos. should be voting for that party in their own self-interest, there is no space for journos. in Goan newspapers any longer.

31 May 2007 at 07:49  

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