Thursday, 31 May 2007


Hi, a reader sent in this... The plague's really spreading isn't it? Could we measure column inches of editorial in the local pages vis a vis column inches of advertising content in the local dailies. Would make an interesting comparison.

This is getting insane. Look at today's (31/5/07) papers -- three fourths of Herald's page 1 is this kind of rubbish, and so are pages 2, 4 and 5 entire. Navhind Times seems to be jumping on the bandwagon -- see the bullshit on Manohar Parrikar on page 3, on SGF on page 4, and to balance it all out, Dinar Tarcar on page 7, followed by Ravi Naik on page 9.
GT and Sunaparant are okay, lots of ads, but clearly mentioned as such, though the look is that of an article. GT has an advertising supplement of the Congress party (which hilariously has Rane senior on page 1 and his son on page 4).
What are the readers supposed to do? I for one have started reading the advertising leaflets for 'big sales' and 'tuition classes' that are inserted into the papers. They are far more interesting.
Has any party announced an unemployment dole specifically for journos. All journos. should be voting for that party in their own self-interest, there is no space for journos in Goan newspapers any longer.


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