Monday, 2 July 2007


Now, you’ve seen through NIKHIL JOSEPH haven’t you?
The other alarmingly regular by-line in the
Herald, 'SONALI MARIA' is the other fraud Penpricks managed to trace. One of the most prolific by-lines to appear in the Herald’s magazine section, this SONALI MARIA doesn’t exist. Stories credited with this by-line are plagiarised from other news outfits, as you shall read further on.
Herald’s story on Indian fashion titled ‘India on the ramp’ has been lifted from the Hindu also titled ‘India on the ramp’ authored by Hemangini Gupta. The other story on commercial spiritualism titled ‘Saleable Spirituality’, which appears yet again with SONALI MARIA'S by-line has been plagiarised from Amelia Gentleman's article in the International Herald Tribune titled ‘In India, spirituality is going commercial’ on June 11.
So then, where's this money going guys?

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