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Hey have you guys read such inspired reportage... You see, the daily Sanatan Prabhat claims to have a direct link up with powers up there, beyond the clouds. And guess what... they don't need no uplinking facility, they don't need no licence, they don't even need no infrastructure. They make do with divine interceptions of the Almighty's broadcast. Oh you don't believe us. Read the paper. It's masthead screams... 'Durjananchya nasha sathi' (For the annihilation of evildoers).
Well where were we... We picked up a report from a recent issue of the Sanatan Prabhat for you. Now journalists really look at themselves as important folk. But this report seems to stretch the 'important' tag a bit too far. (It was sent to us by a reader, who we are really thankful to for actually translating this gem and sending it across)
Penpricks brings you SANATAN PRABHAT, the purported custodians of tradition, who have now broken free from norms of conventional imagination and every form of journalistic licence. The report talks about the exhibition organised by Foundation against contiuing terrorism (FACT).

Mapusa (correspondent): FACT an institution founded by world renowned journalist Francois Gautier has organised an exhibition on 'real face of terrorism' at Mapusa between June 29 to July 1.
The Hindu Janajagruti Samiti has organised this exhibition.
The exhibition will be inaugurated on June 28. People are appealed to participate in large number for this exhibition, said organisers Hindu Janajagruti Samiti in a press conference held here.
The conference was addressed by HJJS Goa spokesman Dr Manoj Solanki, convenor Jayesh Thali, Bajarang Dal Goa convenor Vinayak Chari, and others. (Ho ho, its all fine until here, isn't it? Now we get funny.)
The press conference was atetnded by Umesh Zarmekar (Sunaparant), Arvind Fonseca (Navhind Times), Mohan Naik (Gomantak), Narayan Rathvad (Tarun Bharat), Prakash Dhumal (Pudhari), Mahadev Chari (Goa Times), Anil Shankhwalkar (Herald Channel), Prakash Gadekar (Goa Plus), Rajesh Korgaonkar (Sanatan Prabhat).

Can you beat this last para guys? The correspondent who covered this press conference perhaps this Rajesh Korgaonkar guy has actually mentioned the names of journalists who covered the function. This is perhaps for the first time ever in the Indian or elsewhere that names of reporters attending press conference. Hey if this trend is allowed to continue no reporter would ever have to fight for a byline with his boss for such stories. Just add the para in the end.


Hey there's another one here

Guys, can you tell me how many names feature in this report. We fear, names outnumber other words in this story that appeared in The Navhind Times recently. The reporter who filed this must have been one lazy bum... What' worth taking a look para 4 5 and 6.

CD on advances in medicine released at Bambolim
NT Staff Reporter
Panaji, June 22 The Medical Education Cell of Goa Medical College has released a CD on “Recent Advances in Medicine”.
The CD based on studies carried out by a team of doctors from GMC and elsewhere has been edited by Dr RG Wiseman Pinto, professor and head of pathology department, GMC, Dr Savio Rodrigues, professor and head of microbiology department, GMC and Dr F P Noronha, professor of surgery, GMC.
The Dean of GMC Dr V N Jindal advised the editorial team.
The topics covered in the Recent Advances in Medicine include anaemia and coagulation disorders, MRI scanning, medical ethics, Rosai-Dorfmans disease, hypereosinophilia, Erdheim Chester disease, gastroschisis, microwave processing, adenosquamous carcinoma of lung, deep vein thrombosis, HIV/AIDS, diabetes mellitus, polymorphous low grade adenocarcinoma, fatty change in hepatoma and synovial chondrosarcoma.
The contributors include Dr M B Agarwal, consultant haematologist and haemato-oncologist, Mumbai, Dr Ramdas Naik, professor and head of pathology department, KMC Mangalore, Dr Wiseman Pinto, Dr Savio Rodrigues, Dr Mahesh Sardesai, Dr Silvano D Sapeco, Dr Edwin Gomes, Dr Vishal Sawant, Dr Peter Rodrigues.
The other contributors are Dr Wilfred D’Sa, Dr Milind Desai, Dr Sharad Sahai, Dr A Dang, Dr K Narvencar, Dr K Jog, Dr Gauree Salgaonkar, Dr M Sharma, Dr Andre Fernandes, Dr Prashant Lawande, Dr Lois Samuel, Dr N Faria, Dr Uday Kudalkar, Dr Muriel Cardozo, Dr Paresh Desai and Dr D Neogi.
The CDs can be obtained from the office of pathology department, 3rd floor, main GMC building.


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