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This is exactly the sort of craze for IMPACT that we talked about some time back. Now we bring you a national television channel, which cheats you into believing how the system sat up and took notice of the story they'd exposed. Penpricks explains to you how CNN IBN actually lies and misrepresents facts in order to make their viewers and readers believe how their story made a 'difference'.
These 'IMPACT' fibs have in fact been a regular feature with CNN-IBN (its sought after too by the other big trio of Aaj Tak, Star News and NDTV), especially the Special Investigation stories which seem hanker for such fake medals pinned to their chest.
Now, let us look at the IMPACT story filed by the CNN-IBN's Goa correspondent Pramod Acharya. The investigation he talks about dealt with a story on land-purchases by foreigners in Goa. Just before the state legislative assembly elections, channel's special investigation team (SIT) landed in Goa and did a sting operation getting confessions from the lawyers, real estate agents among others. The lawyers narrated how controversial former town and country planning minister Anatasio Monserratte alias Babush took money to convert the lands.
Pramod Acharya
A month after CNN-IBN special investigation revealed blatant misuse of the FDI route by Russian nationals to snap prime land in Goa, the state government has initiated an inquiry into all the deals that involve foreigners.
(This is a lie. The inquiry which channel talks about was actually initiated three months prior to the sting operation. The state government right now has only asked to expedite the inquiry and submit a status report within 10 days as the deadline has lapsed. This must have been one hell of a story, to create an IMPACT a good three months before the story was actually broadcast!!!)
Over 400 land purchases in Goa involve foreign nationals. CNN-IBN found out that the Russian land Mafia has been involved in many of these deals in the state. In fact, former Goa Minister Babush Monserrate was caught on camera taking a bribe for legalizing land conversions deals, thereby letting the fraudulent companies operate unchecked. (Now, now, now, we all know what Babush is up to, but the channel actually did not catch Babush on camera while accepting bribes. The channel merely caught brokers and lawyers claiming that Babush took money for the deals. To blatantly say that they caught Babush accepting bribes is yet another lie.) The newly formed Goa Government has now promised an inquiry into the matter.('I will inquire into the matter' is one line which news outfits vulgarly exploit to tomtom their glory. When a chief minister says he will inquire into the matter, he does not mean he will initiate an inquiry?)
Most of the land deals in Goa have been violating the Foreign Exchange Management Act of Reserve Bank of India. CNN-IBN investigation revealed that lawyers helped the Russian Mafia invest large amounts of money in Goa land, taking advantage of the fact that FDI in real estate gets automatic approval.A lawyer also told CNN-IBN that former town and country planning
minister Atanasio Monserrate, popularly known as Babush, took Rs 12 lakh bribe for such a land deal.
Goa CM Digamber Kamat has asked Chief Secretary J P singh to prepare a full status report. Singh, in turn, has asked a sub-committee of RBI officials and secretary level state officials to submit this report within ten days. (Now if the chief secretary has been asked to prepare a status report, that virtually means that an inquiry was in progress, doesn't it? This is in complete contradiction to the opening paragraph).
"This will indicate the careful examination of all those 400 odd cases which had come to our notice and any other case that comes to our notice in the meantime. Based on the status report, we will decide what action is to be taken," said J P Singh, Chief Secretary, Goa.
Activists in Goa have welcomed this move. Oscar Rebello, who spearheaded the movement against sale of land to outsiders, says all violators should be booked.
"I'm glad that the chief minister and the chief secretary making the right noises and the right moves. We only hope now that they walk the talk and take this to the right conclusion," said Dr Oscar Rebello, Convenor, Goa Bachao Abhiyan. This move of state Government can upset equations of many heavyweights in Goa and perhaps the order can cause real political tremors for this Congress led government.


Anonymous sausuman said...

The TRP run have led these news channels to commit these kind of Nonsene stories.

Aprt of this Few Days back on IBN 7 Came up with a story of Security Agency telling that its a Kind of Fraud the retired Army personal was running. Later all where the stories of this nonsense was published and IBN7 was there to apologise for that.

Its really something worst time and the result of WAR OF NEWS AMONG CHANNELS!!!!! FOR ---- TRP's!!!

24 June 2007 at 20:26  

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