Tuesday, 19 June 2007


Ok, this one has Jamaluddin Sheikh written all over it. It’s a howler!
Will someone tell this guy, that the Intelligence Bureau (IB) need not always be manned by ‘Intelligent’ people. And that because the bureau’s brief is to collect intelligence, you still can’t call it the ‘Intelligent Bureau’.
And the 'Intelligent Bureau' is a Central Government outfit independent of the state police department.
This makes for such a hilarious goof up. Read the para in bold.

And judging by way crime reporters -- Jamal here included – have gone about this story, looks like they've missed the point altogether.
Penpricks wagers a bet, that for the seven motorcycles stolen from the jurisdiction of the Panaji police station, no FIRs have been registered.
What has probably happened, are two rounds of tea-biscuit at Panaji Police Inspector Serafin Dias’ cabin and a lot of backslapping. The first round, after the thefts were discovered and the other, once the thieves returned the motor-cycles to the town police.


7 stolen bikes recovered

NT Staff Reporter
Panaji, June 18 The Panaji police today recovered a total of seven stolen motorcycles including one which was stolen from the Panaji police headquarters today.
Panaji town police incharge, Mr Serafin Dias disclosed that the cops scanned various city spots for the stolen bikes. They searched the parking lot of the KTC bus stand, and roadside mechanics, he said.
By this evening, three motorcycles were already claimed by the owners. The other bikes will be handed over after proper ownership verification, he said.
The bikes that were recovered include a Hero Honda Splendor belonging to a city advocate, Mr Nilesh Shirodkar which was missing since April and another Scooty belonging to Mr Pravin Malik, working for Intelligent Bureau (police department) stolen on March 21.
Another motorcycle belonging to Mr Nilesh Mandrenkar from Mapusa was found parked on 18th June road.


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