Tuesday, 12 June 2007


With elections over and done with, English language newspapers now have so much white space at their disposal that they simply do not know whats to be done with it.
Look at what PENPRICKS' favourite 'bunny' had to offer to its readers on June 11.
A two column story on page 5 from it's Belgaum correspondent which goes under the headline: Rabbits important for economic growth: C S PATIL. We will reproduce this 'path-breaking' story in a while.
We really did not know about this, did we guys? Rabbits important for economic growth? Did any of you read this one? Wonder which sub was on page 5 that day? Well, with the 'correspondent commander' Melvyn busy filing his trademark 'analytical' post poll stories, even he appeared not to have the time to cull this outlandish 'rabbit' story.
Culling rabbits is tough anyway, considering the rate at which they tend to multiply. Next time to walk into Herald beware guys, if you don't run into a Robin, you'll certainly run into a rabbit...

The other story was filed by its Agonda correspondent. Lok at the way the bugger goes into the details of how goes about sprinkling 'Holy water'. The story is yet another two column affair about the Archbishop blessing a cemetry at Sadolxem. This story even puts Tarun Bharat Satyanarayan puja stories to shame.

Archbishop blesses cemetery at Sadolxem
AGONDA, JUNE 10 –Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao blessed and dedicated a newly constructed Cemetery much to the relief of over 900 Parishioners of Our Lady of Rosary Church Sadolxem, on Sunday morning.
The long cherished dream of Sadolxem parishioners has become a reality today, when Archbishop after traditional ribbon cutting lead the laity into the newly constructed cemetery (situated just behind the church) for a concelebrated high mass and blessings.The Parishioners of this 1954 established Sadolxem Church were highly inconvenienced to carry bodies of their brethren for burial to a distantly placed cemetery situated above a thickly vegetated hillock.
Delivering his homily in the concelebrated mass along-with Canacona Dean and Sadolxem Parish priest Fr Anil Kumar, Bishop Ferrao highlighted on the premise encrypted inside the newly constructed Cemetery Altar which read as ‘living or dead, we belong to God’ (Zaum Jivim, Zaum Melelim, Ami Somiachim), reminded the ‘Faithfulls’ of God’s creation of Man as Himself, and due to man’s original sin, subsequent sacrifice of God’s own Son Jesus Christ’s death on Cross gaining victory over death. Archbishop further called on the laity to live in the service of others and be a witness of God by spreading teachings of Jesus Christ and made the habit of Rosary recital in every household.
In a charged sermon Archbishop cited an example of a person who looks into a mirror, works on himself improve his looks is considered similar to a person who hears God’s words and corrects himself in God’s eyes. But, the person who looks his shabby features in a mirror, carries on that way and earns rejection in society is similar to a person who hears God’s words but doesn’t correct himself and earns rejection amongst masses and kingdom of God.After delivering his homily, Archbishop accosted by parish priest blessed each and every neatly separately built-up tombs of the cemetery by sprinkling ‘Holy Water’.


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