Friday, 8 June 2007

PENPRICKS IMPACT... HOW PENPRICKS FINALLY MATTERED (don't laugh... don't you laugh!!!)

Feels good. When folks take 'note' of what we PENPRICKS write.
One of our early reports TAKING NOTE OF... PRESS CONFERENCES spoke of how a coastal MLA paid each journo Rs 1,000 bucks each, when they attended his 'hey, look how well I'm dressing up my constituency in these sexy tights' press conference at his coastal resort somewhere near Mapusa.
We are happy to announce that our report was taken note of and it did create quite an impact. Hence, taking cue from newspapers and news channels that cry hoarse over how 'govt took note of our stories' PENPRICKS decided to do emulate these unworthy megalomaniacs.
Well, it goes like this...
This coastal MLA we spoke of in our earlier entry has a rival in another gangster. This chappie masquerades as a humble servant in the hospitality industry, but has been known to have a vice like grip in the local affairs of a certain popular coastal village for a couple of decades, until now. So this chappie decided to contest MLA elections now.
We strongly presume he read our blog in course of his campaign. Why we're so sure? Cause at a press conference held sometime back (obviously after his rival's conference we'd reported) he went ahead and slipped 500 bucks to all local journos who attended it. No kidding.
This time we dunno if any journo returned the money, but we suspect that a couple may actually have.
It is rumoured that smart and poll hardened journos consider this as one the first and most basic indicators (that he knowingly paid 500 bucks lesser than his rival to the journos) which helped them assess that this guy would lose to his rival in these elections.
And you guys thought assessments are made by gouging public mood, developmental works, public probity etc!!! That's a load of crap...
Ask any journo from Mapusa... ;)


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