Sunday, 17 June 2007

YATHA RAJA TATHA PRAJA (As the Ruler so the Ruled)

With rot festering right at the top, one thought seepage from the editor’s room would infect only the journos sitting on the second floor. Unfortunately, the sloth has reached epidemic proportions and has seems to have affected the reader too.
We picked up this
Herald STAR letter (issue dated June 15) and are proud to present it as the PENPRICKS STAR letter.
What’s happening to this paper? Things have turned so sloppy since we used to work there a decade ago. Are these letters not screened? Are there no subs to vet these letters or at least sub them? And we understand that the editor himself attributes the STAR slot to the day’s best letter. Please read this letter again and tell us whether this should fit the STAR bill.

Johnson Palha, Agacaim

With reference to the letter to the editorial by Savio Faleiro (to the editor… we presume) published on 11/06/07. We the supporters of Congress (A letter to the editor that amplifies what supporters of a party have to say?) would like to say that the Congress candidates have not any pre-poll promises (made… they have not ‘made’ any pre-poll promise) in their manifestos or even at any of the public meetings the development projects like IT habitats, SEZ, super-expressways, cricket stadium will be dropped if they come to power, except RP 2011. As such the people in the North Goa have supported them and have not opposed anything and everything proposed by the Rane-govt (make any sense of this?). Whereas the SGF which was opposing all these projects, election results clearly shows that their demands have not got any support from the public except the personnel votes (ha ha ha, personnel!!!) polled by their candidates throughout North Goa. This shows people in the North Goa expects performance froms (this guy, Johnson loves his s’s, so does the sub, who made this page) the new Congress-led govt and that the overall development and also employment problem to be solved (I can’t figure this one out. Can you?).
If the present government scraps or keeps the projects like IT at Dona-paula or Express Super highway on hold, their supporters will be forced to leave the patty (hmm. Leave the patty and join the communal BJP??? I wouldn’t especially if the patty was packed with prawns. If it were a vegetarian stuffing, I could still think about it ;)) join even the communal BJP which will at least deliver.

This project completion (Now… which project, the one with the patty? Or the overall development? Or the employment problem. Or what?) and garbage disposal should be taken an priority (the last error, the simplest of them all) and will only strengthen the party and there will be nothing for SGF to fight against in the next election.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep it up Pen Pricks. I hope your post-mortem goes on to make some difference in the way subs go about destroying stories in the Herald.

18 June 2007 at 12:36  

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