Monday, 18 June 2007


We Pricks are a happy lot today.
We just finished negotiating for a column with a real flesh and blood journo from Goa. Penpricks is proud to present to you a column on the media by Ashley Do Rosario. Ashley is presently deputy news editor with the Gomantak Times and we like his intergrity.
The deal we have negotiated with him is simple. He writes for this blog as and when he wants to. (We would have loved to have him writing every week, but considering that this is 'jumping chicken' season, we relented on this point. There also the matter of his two babies, whose diapers need to be changed and who need to be bathed regularly, which we had to consider;) )
What Ashley offers us, is like we said... he is the first journo to lend his name to this blog, which has often been criticised for being anonymous. Hats off to you for this Ashley. We are grateful indeed.
What we are offering him is no money, more brickbats than bouquets and maybe an occasional chai at Cafe Prakash through the hawala route. You know why? Cause the guy still doesn't know who we Penpricks are. Yes, it was tough negotiating this way, but we had a reliable intermediary who helped in patching up this deal up.
So you guys hope he writes more often.


Blogger Jason said...

This seems like a good start.

BTW, what makes you guys so optimistic people are actually buying into all this stuff? I hate to be the skeptic here, but I just hope you guys know what you are doing and are learning about similiar farts from the past (War For News, remember?)

I'm guessing all the current anons may end up as parttime columnists when they see the bubble about to burst ...

18 June 2007 at 12:13  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

"""BTW, what makes you guys so optimistic people are actually buying into all this stuff?"""

Hi, it doesn't matter much. Those who don't buy this stuff, can always fall back on newspapers

And know what... keep guessing ;)

18 June 2007 at 15:47  
Blogger Mumbai Journo said...

AAAh Ashley still as optmistic as ever into his old age now! Looks like the poor blighter is a bit bored with the GT guys now and wants to talk himself out of his job.

And what better way to do so than climb on to a high horse an declaim about the falling standards of penmanship. That way one at least gets to exit as a martyr. One advantage is that the Missus at least retains a modicum of respect, but one that mirrors the state of the declining bank balance.....

Just need to remind all and sundry that the lalajees (and that includes newly gentrified agriculturists) who own the media have a nasty habit of breaking mirrors that do not show them what they want to see. Ergo, they should be made up in pastel white in a fashion demonstrated lately by Rajnikant in Sivaji...

So Ashley, though we didn't have the opportunity to park our posteriors at some bar and down the elixir of life in some bar during my stay in Goa we can remedy the shortcoming when you pitch tent in Amchi Mumbai after the first of your pen pricks strike home.

The Mumbai Press Club is still under renovation, but they do have a corner left for maudlin souls...

Shiv Kumar

18 June 2007 at 17:49  

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