Monday, 18 June 2007


A bit of innovation can take you places on the web.
One of the latest entrants doing his bit on the web is a guy called Anil Lad with his
Remember Anil Lad who hit the scene when he happened to be the only guy who had on footage the BJP's vandalisation of Matthew Braganza's Mandarin hotel in Mapusa. Lad runs a Mapusa based news bulletin on lines Goa365, Goanewsline etc.
What this guy has done is, uploaded his news video's on utube and linked it to his site. What perhaps he needs to do is get some discipline in the text that he fills in.
Some spelling errors are fine, but there are some howlers out there... here's a few

Bilivers in Goa 1 -- a docu of sorts on the Believers sect in Goa
Bilivers in Goa 2 -- and there's one more
BJP menifesto -- get it
Congress Menifesto -- and that's the Congress variety of a 'men'ifesto
Panjim Battel -- heard of Battler Britain, here's the mofussil variety
Digambar Kamat will sourn in as CM -- how does one do that?

And to top it all, you have a segment which has a
video by Amita Salatry sharing one of her recipes. Its scary watching her. You almost fear some of that overdone lipstick would drip into her broth.


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