Saturday, 23 June 2007


Dunno how the phenomenon works, but news agencies have generally tended to stick to this one golden rule when it comes to posting their representative in Goa. ‘Posting to Goa? Ok, who’s the laziest we have on our rolls!’
Of course there have been honourable exceptions, but the rule has been obviously and overwhelmingly consistent. Like one of em who we have here right now. This old chap has a couple o kink. One of em is, every time he needs to be dropped off at the airport or on other errands, he needs a car sent to his doorstep. And guess where does the car comes from… Well, there are two known sources. One from a leading ship manufacturing company and the other from a national political party. Not too many say no to an agency journo. See, the copies he files are picked up all over the country and across. But one fine day, the former did stop sending their car to pick this guy up for another airport errand. What happened next… he has since stopped attending their press conferences.


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