Friday, 22 June 2007


Remember we told you some days back, that there was something funny about chief minister Digambar Kamat's visit to the Goanews studio in Porvorim. We knew there was something odd, but we could not place a finger over it. Read the following press note which appeared in the Herald today. (A vigilant reader pointed this out to us. We are thankful to the bugger.)
It turns out now, that the Goanews set-up is illegally functioning from a residential premises and filks living in the Goa Housing Board colony, Porvorim (where the set-up is located) are not too happy about it. In fact the press note, makes several severe charges against the channel about the way in which it procured the 'no objection certificate' from the authorities despite complaints from the residents.
Digambar Kamat's visit to the channel's office now appears like a show of strength carried out by Goanews. You know the, 'He's on our side, what can you do'. And how does a chief minister go about endorsing law-violating outfits? What was his protocol office doing?
This entire arrangement reeks of media abusing its clout. That the Herald reported this does not surprise us and yet it does. On one hand, why would Herald lose out on an legitimate opportunity to lash out at it's rival TV channel? (Herald's launching it's own Herald Cable Network, soon). But on the other hand Herald's TV wing also functions from two illegal floors, which have not been cleared by the Fire Department.

Television channel faces Porvorim residents'wrath

PANJIM, JUNE 21-- The residents of the Goa Housing Board, Porvorim have strongly objected to the setting up of Goa News, a 24 hours TV news channel at 6HA area, Porvorim. In a memorandum addressed to the respective authorities, the GHB Residents Welfare Association has vehemently opposed the allotment of residential plots for commercial use to the channel by the Goa Housing Board.
Elaborating on their plight on account of the setting up of the channel, the association stated in a release that the administrator granted the no objection certificate (NOC) to the channel even after receiving written objections from the association against the proposed commercial activity. The NOC was reportedly granted to the Delhi-based company called STV Enterprises Limited when the panchayat body was dissolved and was under the then caretaker administrator.
Besides violation of the approved plans sanctioned by the panchayat, STV Enterprises have commissioned a high powered generator and is operating it without the sanction of the respective authorities, the association adds.
Association members have complained that the large scale movement of employees, vehicles and visitors throughout the night, in addition to the noise of the generator has become a threat to the serenity and peace of the entire locality.
Even a police complaint was lodged by the residents on account of the unauthorized use of generator set and resultant noise disturbing the area.
Based on the complaints received from the residents the sarpanch of Penha de Franca Village Panchayat conducted a site inspection on Saturday and heard the grievances of residents. A large number of residents pleaded revoking the licence as the activity has become a public nuisance.
The Goa Housing Board has also confirmed in writing that any commercial activity in the residential area is not permissible and is in violation of the existing rules of allotment of residential plots by them, adds the release.


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