Thursday, 21 June 2007


Oh, by the way, something else happened on Revolution day.
Freedom fighters were the only folk for whom the chief minister Diggy K had inspirational words for our media colleagues.
Here’s a press note issued by the Department of Information:


Chief minister Digamber Kamat visited Goa News, Goa's first 24 hours news channel on Monday, June 18, 2007 (is it on air yet?). He was welcomed on the occasion by chairman of STV J K Jain and executive editor Goa News Sachin Borkar (Pigs can certainly fly then! This guy heads a news channel now? We have wanted to write about Goanews for a while now. See, it’s like this, if a news channel scours all about Goa and then finds Sachin Borkar suitable to head its outfit, something’s wrong. Something’s very wrong indeed. Before heading this ‘news chasing team’, Borkar was last heard being chased by a variety of teams uniformed and otherwise. It appears that someone’s come home to roost)

The chief minister was shown art studio and broadcast facility at journalist colony in Porvorim adjacent to the assembly complex.
The chief minister evoked keen interest in the first of its kind initiative in Goa and congratulated the promoters STV networks for taking Goa to the world and to the Goans. He opined that this venture would revolutionise journalism in Goa (What and apt thing to say… Goa Revolution Day zindabad) and get fair accurate reports (hahahaha) to Goans worldwide. The chief minister witnessed a live broadcast of a newscast in studio floor of Goa news.


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