Monday, 25 June 2007


How much backslapping and boot-licking can our media indulge in!?!?
Right from the time Digi was sworn-in as the chief minister of Goa, he’s been ‘swooned-in’ by the Goan media. Suddenly, he is the ray of hope. Suddenly, here’s a guy who can set right, all wrong. Suddenly, he is Mr Clean .

Till now, Digi’s been glorified umpteen times and his photographs keep appearing in almost all the newspapers. Well, the `Goa Doot' is an exception and the reason’s obvious. Oh you don’t know? They glorify only those folk, with hair on their heads (hahaha).
In the past The Navhind Times always took the cake in the mushy-mushy act towards ministers and the government of the day. Well over the years, they’ve taken the cake, the oven and still managed to keep their cherry intact (hehe).
Now Herald has jumped the bandwagon (with a swell ass pulling this cart), has even overtaken its rival in chamchagiri. A photograph of the CM and his wife in the `short takes' column on page 4 dated June 23, is rather comical. Wonder who the sub-editor was that day? Poor fellow, what could he do? He had to obey the orders. Or else pack his bags and take up position in some ‘newly’ opened bureau in Dhargal or maybe now that Sunita Williams is off Atlantis, he’d be sent to take her place. And would he hate that? All subs hate 'BLANK SPACE' ;)
For a regular Herald reader it must be routine exercise now to find a photograph of Digi and his wife every second day – ever since he was appointed chief minister -- either visiting a temple or church and taking `holy blessing' from the priest.
Don't take our word for it? Fish out these copies and check these for yourself. (June 16 on page 4; June 11 on page 3; June 13 a page 4 headline screams – Kamat seeks divine help to run delicate power equation; June 9 on page 2 -- Digi meets Archbishop after the swearing-in).
Poor Digi. In spite of visiting all the temples, God seems to be not on his side. How can then one explain his enigma to expand ministry and distribute portfolios?
A fortnight has passed and Goa is yet to get its full-fledged government. And then they blame the leader of opposition for making `irrelevant' comments. If you pull down your pants, why won't Parrikar spank you on your rear? Uh? Anyone would do that.
Meanwhile the hosannas for Digi bai will continue, until of course he stays in power.


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