Monday, 30 July 2007

Speaker Sir, your `kashti’ is showing

We expected and hoped that Honourable Speaker, Mr Pratapsing Rane would prove all the scribes (bias and otherwise), politicians, pundits, and soothsayers wrong and act as a thorough Statesman.
But no. The honourable Speaker belied all our hopes and did just as any petty and unscrupulous politician would do. Bailed out Digu’s government, in a fraudulent and treacherous act against the constitution.
The number game in the House of 40 was as clear as Robin’s fondness for plagiarizing edits, stories,...(he he he … excuse us for that). Digu bai’s government was in minority. (Sad that in spite of invoking the blessings of all the gods and goddesses, Digu had to face rebellion so early. Remember Penpricks’ story on Digu’s visit to temples and churches, after being crowned as the CM?).
Mr Rane in a malafide and illegal operation restrained three members of the opposite camp from casting their votes, and gallantly cast his vote in favour of the government. (Oh yeah, his brave act will not go unnoticed. Probably Congress will offer him a gubernatorial post sometime, somewhere).
He, he … But wasn’t that expected of Mr Rane, one may say. (Hasn’t BJP’s Vishwas Satardekar done that earlier?).
But as we said in the beginning, we expected Rane to be different. A senior, experienced and most decorated politician that he is.
Remember, Rane was elected chief minister of the State for maximum number of terms and was frontrunner for the post this time too.
He may have missed the CM’s chair but was compensated with the Speaker’s. (Some guys are just lucky, uh?) One senior politician once jocularly observed on Rane’s penchant for chairs: “Some people are born with a silver spoon in the mouth and some with a chair stuck up their arse.”
And then we have the leader of the opposition, honourable, Manohar Parrikar hollering, “Murder of Democracy”.
We would like to remind Mr Parrikar on his reign of terror, when he and his merry men physically abused the honourable member, Filipe Neri out of the House. As now, his government too then was on brink of collapse. Wasn’t it a “murder” then?
Perhaps today, he has got a taste of his own medicine.
Mr Parrikar and his partners have cobbled up a wafer-thin majority and have perhaps committed a horrible crime on the Goan electorate.
Ideologically they are poles apart. Their manifestos (promises to the electorate) are in complete variance. Can an alliance of such contradiction work in tandem?
Your guess is as good as ours. It’s not about `Save Goa’, its about `Save mia’.
Watch out! Goa needs to be alert.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This post has gone beyond pen pricks' stated mandate.

(Mandate = Discover the rotund flanks and the shaggy underbelly of the Goan media. And of course, the rare honest rib.)

Media and not politics should have been the focus. Politics could have been debated on a separate dedicated blog.

I observed some very strange journalists' behaviour. They make an attempt to enter the Legistature Assembly, but are prevented by cops. The journo flashes his pass. The cop responds, by informing, that they cannot enter. The journo in an apparent display of bravado, states that he will court arrest if he and the rest of the pack are denied admission, to the press gallery. The cops stand their guard. Then another journo, (clad in a dark blue shirt) asks the cop as to whether he had receieved his orders via telephone. On receiving a response in the affirmative, the journo reminds him, that the Speaker had at an earlier session suggested that cops shouldn't take instructions via telephone.

The cop wears a smile, so too do the docile journo. In a sing song voice the journos remind the cop about the speaker's earlier directive, of not taking instructions via phone.

Why were the journos beaten into submission so easily.. Umm..? This, I believe was the rib tickler of the day!!

(PS: I think the guy in blue was Mr. Julio Silva)

31 July 2007 at 03:26  

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