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Hi, we have to inform you guys, that one of us pricks is laid up.
He's to visit an ophthalmologist tomorrow. All thanks to this Goajourno mailing list. They keep sending 'eye-popping' stuff sometimes. Now, let the other unharmed prick tell you what exactly happened.
Thing is, we subscribed to the new avatar of goajourno sometime back, to learn about what's happening on the journo circuit in Goa. Today my prick-in-arms got this mail from the list titled "morality in journalism". All he did was open it. And within a few seconds, his right eye just popped out. Just like that. And it got stuck onto the computer screen. Not to worry, we've wrapped it in ice and it's to be hammered into the socket tomorrow. The doc's assured us that some of the snapped nerves would also be welded in place and things would be just fine.
Now we've really picked up this habit of beating around the bush of late. :)
Here's the bit posted by Frederick Noronha on Goajourno...

Institute Menezes Braganza Panaji Goa cordially invites you for a programme: Panel discussion no Morality in Journalism? organised to mark the death anniversary of the great national leader Lokmanya Tilak, on Wednesday, the 1st August 2007 at 4 pm at the art gallery hall of the institute.
Participants Sanjay Dhavlikar, Sagar Javdekar, Paresh Prabhu, Prakash Dhumal, Pamela D'Mello.
Waman Prabhu, editor, Goa Newsline has consented to be the moderator of this panel discussion. All are cordially invited.

Penpricks is appalled... Waman Prabhu to moderate a panel discussion on morality on Tilak Jayanti? How serious are the folks who are organising this mock show? What's wrong with these guys? Calling Waman Prabhu to moderate a seminar on 'morality in journalism' is equivalent of calling Robin Abreu to moderate a discussion on ethics in journalism. Or for that matter calling Arun Sinha to chair a discussion on child abuse. (If one wishes to consider an illustration removed from journalism, imagine Praveen Togadia and Pat Robertson moderating a discussion on religious tolerance).
Could anyone tell, who's organising this piece of scam?
If one checks up with the Panaji police station and digs up records of 1999, you'd find a cheating complaint which is still waiting to be registered. A lady had complained against Waman, accusing him of cheating her to the tune of 12 odd lakh. Waman was then the bureau chief of the Pudhari newspaper in Goa. A lot of pleading and obeisance paid to all media organisations and especially to The Navhind Times publisher Vilas Sardessai had ensured that his name stayed out of print.
Waman then drank a potion that rendered him invisible for a while, only to resurface as a correspondent for Aaj Tak, Zee news, Star news and ANI. Yes, a gentleman was actually sent over to Goa by ANI to fetch the equipment back and had a tough time doing it.
Using the equipment provided by these mainstream news outfits, Waman started his own Goa Newsline, a news programme which was and continues to be telecast illegally with a host of other news bulletins on cable television.
What did Goa Newsline carry... Pure unadulterated bullshit in form of government propaganda during Parrikar's regime, for which Waman was officially paid by the Goa Department of Information.
Some days back we published an entry on the blog on how journos are abusing the government quarters which have been allotted to them for residential purposes. Guess, who's one of the torchbearers in this trend... Waman-in-the-box.
It's literally a slap in the face of the few journo's with integrity (albeit soft-spoken) to go out there and hear Waman deliver nuggets on morality in the media. But we are all used to reporting shams... So it won't be all that tough... Would it?

P.S. Please do go to the Central library and check how often Sagar Javdekar has had his picture published in the Tarun Bharat... Being chief reporter and chief trouble shooter for Kiran Thakur sure has it's advantages.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand that some of the channels have been operating in non commercial housing colonies, some on illegal floors.
But what is illegal about some of the channels creating their content and distributing to cable operators on VCD/DVDs?
Which specific laws/rules are they breaking?

26 July 2007 at 18:20  

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