Saturday, 21 July 2007


Goan journalism was struck down by a bout of coma on July 17.
How else can you explain this?
A story is dished out in a press conference, completely nailing a sitting minister. More, the bugger is the son of former Goa chief minister and present Speaker of the Goa legislative assembly. More, a set of documents are provided nailing Prince Vishwajeet Rane fair and square for abuse of power.
And what does the media do?
Barring the Herald, not a single English newspaper carries the report. We were not very thorough checking the vernaculars editions, forgive us for that. But looks like they ignored it…
What’s the justification the media at large could conjure here? What went wrong? Was it the person who addressed the press conference? Advocate Ranjit Satardekar? Sure the guy’s black coat masks a lot of his talents, but the guy had documents, which nailed Vishwajeet’s abuse of power fair and square.
The story which Herald published proves that the documents were thorough… And yet no other newspaper even bothers to mention this…
These recurring bouts of coma aren't helping... Someone pull the plug off her life-support… Switch off the ventilator… Let her die… She’s rotting anyway…

Govt bends road rules for Vishwajeet’s wife
Width of road reduced to make space for compound wall
PANJIM, JULY 17 – With ever growing vehicular population it has become imperative for Goa to widen the roads and highways. But here’s a case where the government attempts to reduce the width of Dona Paula-Bambolim road by 5 meters to make space for a compound wall of a bungalow.
M/s Meridian Estates Pvt Ltd, a company wherein Divya Rane, wife of Health Minister Vishwajeet Rane is a director, is alleged to have built an illegal compound wall on the space reserved for road widening. This space forms part of the property 249/1-A.
Adv Ranjit Satardekar, who is a co-owner of this property (249/1-A) situated at Dona Paula, told a press conference on Tuesday here that on September 3, 1990, NGDPA approved the development plan of property 249/1-A, in which 30 meters wide stretch of land was reserved for the Dona Paula-Bambolim public Road. Even the revised plan of 2006 shows no change in the width of the road.
However, Adv Satardekar alleged that a new survey no 249/1-B is now created for fixing the width of Dona Paula-Bambolim road at 25 meters to accommodate the “illegal” compound wall of the bungalow owned by M/s Meridian Estates Pvt Ltd.
The Directorate of Settlement and Land Records in its public notice issued on July 10, 2007 has made its intensions clear to restricting the width of the road to 25 meters, Adv Satardekar said.
A legal notice served by Adv Satardekar says that some locals had filed a complaint against the illegal construction when Pratapsing Rane, who is the father-in-law of Divya Rane, was chief minister.
He further alleged, in the notice, that a builder who has no title to the subject property (249/1-A) transferred a portion of the property in favour of M/s Meridian Estates Pvt Ltd.
Adv Satardekar who also holds share in the property bearing survey no 249/1-A has issued legal notices to the chief secretary, director of settlement and land records, deputy collector and the executive magistrate demanding recall of public notice issued for re-fixing the width of the Dona Paula-Bambolim road.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think these things are not new to Goan journalism. They have been happening many a times. There is one thing which penpricks forgot to ponder on.... Why only Herald carried the story????? Just guess!!! Guess!! Guess!

21 July 2007 at 09:42  
Blogger Skitter Faia said...

Goan Observer carried a report today.

21 July 2007 at 13:24  
Blogger Pen Pricks said...

Anon 1: Tell us!!! tell us!!! tell us!!!

Skitter Faia: Hey... thanks for the input... we're early by a day perhap...

21 July 2007 at 20:11  

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