Saturday, 14 July 2007


First they junked the worn out locally made furniture from of the Herald and replaced it with stuff from Philippines. Guess that was fine enough. There were more scars on that old furniture than original draft of Mayuresh Pawar’s news report. Some of those tables even had stains of chai spilled by the one and only Tolotinho (Tolotinho now long dead, was a peon in the Herald, notorious for swearing while at work. And humming loudly in the most unlikely moments, especially if he happened to step in next to you, in the loo to do his thing).
But the Herald seems to have taken the Philippine fervour a bit too far. Hot on the heels of the furniture, the Philipinos have moved in now.
This obsession with Philippines started when Raul landed in the Philippines with a friend of his some years ago. And now he is simply in love with her. (Please note the use of the word HER. We have left that feminine factor vague. Hey for all you know, it could even mean the country… you know how we speak about India in a feminine sense)
Now since he is the owner and also the editor-in-chief of the Herald, most of Raul’s obsessions often find vent in the newspaper. Like say for example his wife Deirdre… Raul made the lady the virtual boss in the Herald, when she had absolutely no credentials as a journo. Hey he’s not the only one prone to that… Remember when Ashok, one of the Jain brothers was arrested for FERA violations, the newspaper started a front-page slot called ‘HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH’ which carried stories on abuse of power and harassment by chappies from the Enforcement Directorate.
Ok where were we… well this Philippine interlude had produced this gem of an announcement in the Herald almost a year ago.

Panjim, July 29 — Over the past few months, readers may have noticed many changes in the Herald Publications. And this is because our readers and consumers have demanded the best and it is our endeavour to provide the best. Now, Herald Publications is pleased to announce that it is expanding overseas, under the stewardship of the Managing Director Mr Raul Fernandes, to the Philippines.
According to Mr Raul Fernandes, “We have opened a plant, in the Philippines, for the manufacture of wooden furniture, coir products, fiberglass and steel products in order to provide Indian consumers with the same high-end international quality products”.
Elaborating further, Mr Fernandes stated that “We will be opening a similar state of the art, high tech plant in India with the latest equipment, technology and with foreign know how, to supply the Indian market with the same.”
For Goan, and Indian consumers, the world’s best will be available at a store near you. With Herald it is always the best.

Can you beat this guys… you call this expansion? I have been trying to figure out who wrote this press note since the time it was published... I just can't seem to get it... Joel... hmmm no he's smart enough not to get caught while doing something silly. Sergio... He lacks the flourish... Raul... Could be, if someone gives him a thesaurus, but its not him... Robin... could be... with years of rehashing PR copies, he has the necessary expertise... but no I still can't pick out the one who drafted it...
Anyway, a newspaper owner starts a furniture outfit in Philippines and these guys have the gall to call it an expansion? The report even has Raul uttering two sentences without his signature stutter (ok that’s a mean one).

Ok where were we again? Ya… Herald has brought in a platoon of Philippinos to enhance the newspaper’s marketing capabilities (as of now its limited to marketing… Maybe tomorrow we could even see editorial control being taken over. It has happened before). These are a bunch of 15 (give or take some) guys who have been doing the rounds of the office and sizing things up. Will this dose of fresh blood make a difference.
Well, this fresh blood make another kind of blood curl for sure. Cause the present marketing in the Herald, Savio is a close relative of Raul, and these guys who do seem like professionals, will definitely step on this relative’s toes… Will blood prove to be thicker than love… Love for the Philippines i.e. hehe. Lets wait and watch.


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